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Akapp 4Ductor

4DUCTOR® is Metreel's most cost effective conductor system. If four conductors suffice, no rubber sealing is required and you wish to take advantage of all the benefits of uninterrupted copper conductors then opt for Metreel's 4DUCTOR® System.

Ideal as it has no expansion problems, a constant and low voltage loss, a choice of five current intensities and virtually no maintenance.

In all, an uninterrupted current supply for a variety of movable and/or mobile equipment at a very profitable cost benefit.

Technical Data

Conductor Capacity:4
Current Capacities:35, 50, 80, 125, 160A
Housing Lengths:2, 4m
Temperature Range:-30°C to +60°C
Maximum Speed:60m/min
Suited For:Most Applications
Colour:Grey RAL 7000 (approx)
Feed Options:End or Centre Feed

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