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FALLGUARD® Vertical Fall Arrest Ladder Systems

Manufactured and tested in accordance with EN353-1, FALLGUARD® has been developed to provide the ultimate enclosed track vertical fall arrest system.
Unlike other enclosed track systems, FALLGUARD® has a unique asymmetrical track profile, which coupled with it’s retaining carriage ensures correct orientation during insertion every time, without the need of additional bolt on guides.

With the FALLGUARD® system, not only can the user travel in a vertical direction utilising the turntable section, the user may move into an adjoining horizontal profile without disconnecting from the safety of the system.

The FALLGUARD® system incorporates notches within the track profile, which enables the retaining carriage to ‘lock off’ should a fall occur. These notches are also used for fixing various accessories and wall mounting brackets without compromising the safety of the user.

The retaining carriage is the travelling link between the FALLGUARD® system and the user. Trouble free, this is also extremely simple to use and has been designed as small and lightweight as possible.

FALLGUARD® has been used to provide complete fall protection for personnel in many different applications and environments. Typical uses range from maintenance access for telecommunications structures, electricity pylons, railway signals, towers and silos to roof access systems on extremely high commercial and industrial buildings.

FALLGUARD® has also been used for specialist applications such as confined space installations for water utility companies and industrial chimney installations for steeplejack access.

Optional fold away platforms that can be used as rest or work stations are available and should be considered every 6-9m. The platforms are fitted to the rear of the track profile and fold neatly away when not in use. The FALLGUARD® system and it’s components are available in either carbon steel with a galvanised finish or, 304 grade stainless steel.

The two main forms are rail only, used for attaching to existing ladders and rail with rungs, a complete ladder system generally used for new installations.

The FALLGUARD® system has been used worldwide for almost every conceivable vertical access application and is generally more cost effective than installing a fabricated ladder with an additional fall arrest system.

GRIP Retaining Carriage

We are introducing the new slider Grip 150kg. It is an upgrade to the actual Grip. This new version conforms to the latest applicable standard EN 353-1:2018 and to the European Regulation 2016/425 and is certified for a user weighing up to 150kg.

The slider is certified and compatible with the rail and ladder of FALLGUARD® and INVISIRUNG galvanized steel or stainless steel and the rail and ladder of AL2 and its related products, the AL2 Mobil and the AL2 Mobil-F.

This rigid vertical fall arrester is tested to stop the fall of one operator, with its tools and equipment, weighing up to 150 kg. It enables several operators to work in safety (each operator having his own Grip 150kg slider) if there are no more than two operators within 10m and at least 3m between them. 

In order to provide protection for the user up to the maximum allowed weight, all the products of the system must be HIGH CAPACITY RANGE 150 KG (Attention: the weakest element in the chain always determines the maximum capacity of the entire system).

The traveller is made in casted stainless steel to improve the durability of the slider. The Grip 150kg slider and the FALLGUARD®, INVISIRUNG™ and AL2 systems are asymmetrically designed. This asymmetry prevents the slider from eing inserted incorrectly.

The design of the traveller allows a leaning back position and together with the wheels mounted on bearing, offers a smooth and comfortable operation.

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