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AL2 Vertical Ladder Systems

The AL2 Vertical Fall Arrest Ladder system is an alternative to the standard FALLGUARD® product we also offer. Manufactured from aluminium this options provides the operators with a much improved ergonomic solution and also a visually more impressive ladder for designers and architects.

AL2 MOBIL Vertical Ladder Systems

The AL2 MOBIL Vertical Ladder systems offer a perfect solution for non permanent applications. Simply transport the ladder sections to site and assemble as you climb, within a matter of minutes, a completely safe fall arrest ladder is available for your engineers to carry out their work - no need for expensive access platforms. Dismantle after use and stow away for the next job.

AL2 Mobil F Ladder Systems

The AL2 MOBIL F is a temporary Fall Arrest Ladder system designed for access to posts or masts with a circular cross section.

This system consists individual ladder parts with a quick fit bracket system mounted to the back of the rail. These braackets are equipped with web straps and a ratchet, locking catch or fixed stop catch at the top and a connector or supporting base at the bottom.

The AL2 MOBIL F requires no brackets fixed to the mast for its support, therefore simply attach to any suitable mast and climb in complete safety.

GRIP Retaining Carriage

We are introducing the new slider Grip 150kg. It is an upgrade to the actual Grip. This new version conforms to the latest applicable standard EN 353-1:2018 and to the European Regulation 2016/425 and is certified for a user weighing up to 150kg.

The slider is certified and compatible with the rail and ladder of FALLGUARD® and INVISIRUNG galvanized steel or stainless steel and the rail and ladder of AL2 and its related products, the AL2 Mobil and the AL2 Mobil-F.

This rigid vertical fall arrester is tested to stop the fall of one operator, with its tools and equipment, weighing up to 150 kg. It enables several operators to work in safety (each operator having his own Grip 150kg slider) if there are no more than two operators within 10m and at least 3m between them. 

In order to provide protection for the user up to the maximum allowed weight, all the products of the system must be HIGH CAPACITY RANGE 150 KG (Attention: the weakest element in the chain always determines the maximum capacity of the entire system).

The traveller is made in casted stainless steel to improve the durability of the slider. The Grip 150kg slider and the FALLGUARD®, INVISIRUNG™ and AL2 systems are asymmetrically designed. This asymmetry prevents the slider from eing inserted incorrectly.

The design of the traveller allows a leaning back position and together with the wheels mounted on bearing, offers a smooth and comfortable operation.