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AL2 Vertical Ladder Systems

The AL2 Vertical Fall Arrest Ladder system is an alternative to the standard FALLGUARD® product we also offer. Manufactured from aluminium this options provides the operators with a much improved ergonomic solution and also a visually more impressive ladder for designers and architects.

AL2 MOBIL Vertical Ladder Systems

The AL2 MOBIL Vertical Ladder systems offer a perfect solution for non permanent applications. Simply transport the ladder sections to site and assemble as you climb, within a matter of minutes, a completely safe fall arrest ladder is available for your engineers to carry out their work - no need for expensive access platforms. Dismantle after use and stow away for the next job.

AL2 Mobil F Ladder Systems

The AL2 MOBIL F is a temporary Fall Arrest Ladder system designed for access to posts or masts with a circular cross section.

This system consists individual ladder parts with a quick fit bracket system mounted to the back of the rail. These braackets are equipped with web straps and a ratchet, locking catch or fixed stop catch at the top and a connector or supporting base at the bottom.

The AL2 MOBIL F requires no brackets fixed to the mast for its support, therefore simply attach to any suitable mast and climb in complete safety.