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Met-Trak Ancillary Options

Often, customer's can call upon our years of experiencing in the offshore industry to overcome particular challenges, or to assist in the design of common interface items, to optimise our MET-TRAK™ Drag Chain Systems. These include; Tow Arms, Met-Clamps, Stationary Support Rollers, Swing-Out/Removeable Stationary Support Rollers, Support / Guide Trays


These often overlooked items are the connection between the MET-TRAK™ drag chain and the travelling equipment. Metreel offer assistance in the interfacing and design of these pieces of equipment.


We understand the importance of correct cable clamping, so we developed our own custom cable clamping system. These custom designed products are unique to each application, and provide the optimum clamping solution in the minimum space envelope.


Drag chain link sizes can be minimised in certain applications by the use of stationary support roller/s. These serve to reduce the span requirements, or increase the load carrying capacity, or a combination of both. Metreel have utilised many hundred types of roller support and have many designs available in order to optimise any application.


As an extra to the standard stationary support roller above, we also design many styles of custom designed swing-out style, or removable, stationary roller supports. These can be deployed when required during movements, and then swung away or removed when not required, thus saving valuable deck space for other operations.


These are the base for the MET-TRAK™ drag chain to work from, and we can provide them with the drag chain, or assist in their design where the client would prefer to produce their own system.