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Met-Trak Applications

MET-TRAK™ Drag Chain systems can be utilised in many different attitudes to provide the solution to space or operational restrictions. These include; Standard Horizontal Travel, Standard Vertical Travel, Standard Extended Travel, Combined Travel and Opposed Travel.

Standard Horizontal Travel

This is by far the most common application and is defined by the common features, with the drag chain standing upright, the travel stroke being of a horizontal displacement, with the chain bands themselves being vertical.

Usually the total travel distance is divided in two equal lengths, with the drag chain being statically mounted at the mid-point of the total travel; these are called 'Centre Feed' applications. Occasionionally the static point of the drag chain can be positioned at one end of the total travel; these systems are called 'End Feed' applications.

Standard Vertical Travel

This arrangement is very similar to the horizontal travel layout above, but this time the travel is in the vertical plain.

The two main types of vertical travel systems are "loop at top" and "loop at bottom" which titles both refer to the position of the drag chain 180° loop.

Standard Extended Travel

These systems employ either one or a number of stationary support rollers (or in some instances, other types of support) which allow the normal carrying capability and/or span of a drag chain to be increased without increasing the size of the drag chain.

Combined Travel

This is a combination of vertical and horizontal travel.

This combination can often allow the use of one drag chain when normally two would be required i.e one for the vertical travel and one for the horizontal.

Opposed Travel

This application uses two drag chains and does so that they are both facing each other. Similar in use to the 'Double Nested' application. This arrangement allows a greater payload to be carried in any given space.

Again, this can be used to split services that need to be separated, or can simply be used to obtain more services in a limited space envelope.