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Charlie Pendant Control Stations

The Charlie Control Pendant offers a simple solution for basic control of various electrical equipment. Charlie can be configured for simple 2 function operation or 2 function and Emergency Stop. Single & Double action switches are available. Charlie is IP65 rated so is suitable for use in many in and outdoor industrial environments.

A threaded ring is used to secure the enclosure and cover, which also allows easy access to the internal components without any need for tools or screws. The switches are assembled inside the pendant station without the need for screws and they all have terminals facing the cable clamp of the pendant station and screws on the opposite side to facilitate wiring. All electric connections use screw-type terminals.

The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with the EN 418 standard and is equipped with positive opening NC switches.

Materials and components are wear resistant and protect the equipment against water and dust. Charlie is available with different labels and colours.


  1. 1 or 2 speed double switches with electrical interlock
  2. 1NO or 1NC single switches with quick coupling system
  3. Supplied with or without an Emergency Stop

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