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Akapp ClickDuctor

The basic design of ClickDuctor® is a channel housing, in which 4 or 7 slots with copper conductors are prepared and pre-installed. The housing is available in either 3 or 4 metre lengths.

Connecting housing and copper conductor to each other can be done very quick and easy by means of innovate copper clamps and plastic joints, which require no screws, they simply click together. ClickDuctor® can be installed indoors and outdoors in a wide variety of applications, if selecting ClickDuctor® for outdoor applications the RC7 profile must be used with the flexible sealing strip.

All collector trolleys are fitted with wear resistant gliding shoes. These glide perfectly over the running surface of the conductor housing and ensure high stability of the conductors when traveling along the conductor system.

Technical Data

Conductor Capacity:Up to 7
Current Capacities: 50, 80, 125, 160, 200A
Parallel Capacities:250, 320, 400A
Protection:Up to IP44
Housing Lengths:3, 4m
Temperature Range:-30°C to +50°C
Maximum Speed:80m/min
Suited For:Most Standard Applications
Colour:Grey or Red
Feed Options:End or Centre Feed
Additional Options:RC7 Profile: Sealing Strip

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