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Conductor Systems

Metreel's range of AKAPP conductor systems are designed to be safe reliable power supplies for cranes, hoisting equipment, warehouse equipment, overhead conveyor tracks etc. Four different conductor systems which can be tailored to suit your particular requirements.

System Features

Optimum Reliability
Assured by the advantages listed below:

Low Maintenance
The PVC housing needs no maintenance as the systems are designed with minimal brush wear in mind, thus minimising the presence of carbon deposits.

Maximum Power Transmission
The brushes are positively located in the PVC housing and contact with the flat copper conductors is maintained by spring pressure. This guarantees a positive contact and power transmission.

No Expansion Problems
Due to the clearance that exists between the conductors and their location, and the clearance between the PVC housing and sliding hangers, expansion due to changes in ambient temperature is accommodated without affecting the operation of the system.       

Extremely Long System lengths
These are possible by installing our expansion joints which allow for the use of the continuous copper strips.

High Travel Speeds
Available on all our conductor systems.

High Mechanical Strengths
The PVC housing has a combination of high flexural yield, impact and tensile strengths and is complimented by the design of associated components.

For safety reasons the housing materials have a self-extinguishing feature.

Quick and Easy Installation
Due to lightweight PVC housing and the design of accessory components, system installation is a quick and easy operation.

4DUCTOR® is Metreel's most cost effective conductor system. If four conductors suffice, no rubber sealing is required and you wish to take advantage of all the benefits of uninterrupted copper conductors then opt for Metreel's 4DUCTOR® System.

A compact and multi purpose conductor system. The uninterrupted conductors ensure a perfect transmission of current feed as well as control and data signals. A flexible rubber sealing strip prevents penetration of dust or liquids. Multiconductor® is well suited for extremely long tracks and high travel speeds.