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Met-Trak Configurations

MET-TRAK™ Drag Chains are all designed and built to suit individual client requirements. MET-TRAK™ Drag Chains will usually follow one or a combination of six different configurations. These include; Double Band, Triple Band, Quad Band, Double Nested, Side Runner and laydown.

Double Band

The most common of all designs of MET-TRAK™ drag chain is the dual band system. It comprises two bands of drag chain links, which are interspaced by the cross compartment bars.

Triple Band

Similar to the Dual Band design, this adds a third band of drag chain links. This is selected to increase the carrying capability (either load or span) of a drag chain, or in some cases can be used to provide a physical solid separation band between services (for electrical segregation purposes, for example).

Quad Band

Similar again to the Double/Triple band systems, this adds a fourth band to the chain and again this aids load carrying capability, whilst also often selected in order to minimise the length of cross compartment bars to manageable levels.


This Drag Chain can 'lay-down' on itself during extended travel lengths, or in applications of high pay loads.

The steel MET-TRAK™ is machined to allow the drag chain, which would normally resist sagging, to sag down and 'lay-down' on to itself or a custom designed tray/trough. This allows a steel MET-TRAK™ drag chain to encompass much longer travel strokes than would be possible in a conventional design drag chain.

Side Runner

The Drag Chain is positioned on its side, running on sliders or castors utilising a continuous supporting steel tray.

Selected to reduce height requirements, extended travel and/or distribute the MET-TRAK™ drag chain load over a greater support area for an improved life expectancy.