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Dangleflex Black - Pendant Suspension Cable

The Dangleflex Black™ Pendant Suspension Cable has been introduced, to build and advance on the strengths of the renowned Dangleflex™ pendant cable. The design benefits have ultimately been proven by vigorous tests before product launch.

Dangleflex Black™ contains all the advantages of Dangleflex™ but in addition has the following features, which we believe make the cable the No. 1 Pendant Suspension Cable available in the world.

Additional flexibility
Proven Worldwide
Increased working life
Value for money
Low application temperature suitable for outdoors
Seperation membrane between inner cores and the outer sheath to make stripping easy and to protect core numbers

Advertise Your Company Name

Keep your name in front of the customer, have your contact details printed on the cable! For a minimum production run we can print your details on the sheath at no extra cost. Make sure your customer knows where to come for spares and maintenance. Your message can be customised per order as all text is computer generated.

Number of CoresCore Size (mm²)Current Rating (amps)Overall Dimensions (mm)Weight
60.752010.9 x 23.50.189
81.52014.8 x 30.00.368
91.52016.4 x 30.40.404
121.52516.5 x 31.50.437
161.52518.2 x 30.50.535
201.52521.0 x 36.10.680
251.53223.1 x 38.30.783

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