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Drag Chain Refits

Metreel also specialise in the after market, on site reactivation, of old drag chain systems, as well as upgrades and re-engineering of drag chain systems to better cater for modern needs.

For example, with the trend being for ever increasing travel length requirements, it can be necessary to re-engineer existing systems to accommodate the additional travel requirements, rather than provide completely new systems.

Or the upgrading of machinery could demand extra services, by means of more numerous electrical cables, or pipes/hoses, in order to feed the new machines. We can re-engineer existing systems to provide additional compartment space for these services, install them on to the existing equipment and in some circumstances, can even do so without disconnecting any services so that the machinery can be left operational, meaning downtime is minimised.

An example of this is shown in the photo (above) as a 'before & after' representation of a system that was clearly carrying more services than it was originally designed for; we made alterations to the cables arrangement, made additional compartment space utilising bespoke components, and fitted them 'live' so that no drill/operational time was lost.