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Festoon Systems

Metreel's range of cable / hose festoon systems include a variety of capacities designed to travel along wire rope, enclosed tracks and 'I' beams. Guaranteed for efficient operation these products are extremely versatile and allow virtually endless configurations to suit a specific requirement.

Suitable for carrying flatform cables, roundform cables and flexible hoses supplying electrical current, compressed air, gases or liquids our range of products offers an optimum solution providing energy and data to moving machinery.

Custom design, aggressive environments and explosive areas are all applications to which Metreel's festoon systems excel!

Metreels' enclosed track cable/hose festoon systems provide a safe and economical means of supplying power to cranes, hoists and moving machinery travelling along fixed tracks.

A popular service used by customers throughout the world, is our READIBUILD™ Preassembled Festoon System service. Available for all of Metreel's festoon systems this package is designed to reduce the problems associated with installing festoons systems on site.

Metreel's Lock 'n' Roll pre-engineered kits take the mystery out of festoons. Each kit includes everything you need including trolleys, wire rope and all fasteners. Just add cable or hose!

The BEAMRIDER™ range of medium and heavy duty cable trolleys are the first choice for applications that demand ultimate endurance, such as high speed container cranes, steelworks, rolling mills, large bridge cranes and offshore skid systems.