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Galaxy Cable Reeling Drums

Designed for simplified maintenance and long service, the Galaxy™ cable reeling drum is another in a long line of innovative cable/hose handling products from Metreel. Galaxy™ cable reeling drums have been designed to accomodate 1-12 ways from 1.5 - 10mm2 cable rated ta 30- 50amps with travel distances up to 26m. 

Galaxy™ cable reeling drum are conveniently adapted to the requirements of your application. Multi-position roller guides and terminal boxes accommodate a variety of reel mounting configurations.

Innovative Design

Galaxy™ Reels are conveniently adapted to the requirements of your application. Multi-position roller guides and terminial boxes accommodate a variety of reel mounting configurations. Hardened steel stop catch mechanism with ball bearing cam follower allows quick and easy changeover from window-blind type action to continuous tension. An optional swivel base makes the Galaxy™ Reel suitable for the most dynamic of cable reeling applications.

Welded heavy gauge steel construction ensures that the Galaxy™ Reel will last for years to come. Oversized bearings and a heavy duty one piece mainshaft provide sustainability greater mechanical strength than comparable reels. Modular construction of Galaxy™ Reels sub-assemblies provide quick and easy servicing of all components. Spring replacement, collector servicing and cable installation are readily performed without removing the Galaxy™ Reel from it’s mounting location.

Exclusive to the Galaxy™ Reel is the new unitised flat disc collector assembly. Smaller in size with great dissipational characteristics, the flat disc collector operates at an unparalleled level of efficiency. Flat disc copper graphite brushes and beryllium copper contactor springs reduce maintenance and alignment problems associated with conventional slip ring assemblies. If service to the flat disc collector is ever required, removal of the modular assembly is quickly performed by loosening 2 screws on the reel mainshaft.

Other safety and convenience features include a generously sized terminal box to facilitate easy cable connection, free wheeling spring hub and a unique, self-contained Safetychange® spring motor.

Design Features

Generously Sized Terminal Box:
Facilitates easy cable connection by providing additional space with larger internal area. Pivoting action of terminal box about central reel axis permits convenient positioning of entry gland to suit mainly supply.
Weatherproof Cable Entry:
Provided at the shaft for secure watertight connection. Cable feeds easily through hollow shaft for termination within the collector enclosure. Connections required at one point only.
Heavy Duty Swivel Base:
Optional swivel base allows 330° rotation of reel assembly. Required for 2-way payout and other applications demanding that the self aligning to the direction of cable run. 360° continuous swivel bases are available upon request.
Multi-Position Roller Guide:
Adjustable roller guide and guide arm allows easy adaption of Galaxy™ Reel to the positioning requirements of your application.
Flange Mounting Bracket:
Optional mounting bracket for appropriate applications e.g. Face mounting. Unique design incoporates standard terminal box and alternative cable and entry positions.
Replaceable Spring Motor:
Designed with your safety in mind. Safetychange® spring motors are quickly services. Sealed in a throw-away disposable housing, the spring motor is replaced as a unit. no need to handle loose springs or remove reel from it's mounting position.
Modular Collector Assembly:
Permits replacement of entire collector assembly as a unit. Brushes are an integral part of the collector assembly. Maintenance can be performed with reel in place. Simply disconnect wiring and remove 2 set screws to release assembly.

Product Breakdown

1: Optional Cable Stop

2: Weather and dust proof housing - protects collector assembly

3: Safetychange® spring motor for safe and easy replacement

4: Multi-position Roller Guide

5: Generously sized terminal box

6: Stop catch mechanism for locking/unlocking cable retrieve function

7: Welded, all-steel mounting bracket for dependable long life


Payout direction clockwise as standard (viewed from the collector side of the reel)

6 stage surface preparation and pre-clean followed by oven baked polyester powder finish. safety colour corresponding to BS1710/1975