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ATEX Limit Switches

LimitEX Rotary and Cross Limit Switches conform to ATEX Standard EN60079 and are used in an extremely wide range of applications from “top limits” on overhead cranes and hoists to position sensors on roller shutter doors. With a maximum of 4 snap action switches and ratios ranging from 1:15 to 1:1500 all with IP66 protection, the LimitEX Limit switch is an excellent choice particularly for explosive environments.

LimitEx AG Rotary Limit Switch

A worm gear and a helical toothed gear combined with one or more pairs of straight toothed gears are used for the transmission of the movement from the input shaft to the output shaft. Revolution ratios ranging from 1:15 to 1:1500 result from the use of different combinations of gear wheels between the input shaft and output shaft, which is connected to the cams operating switches. Each cam can be set with great accuracy thanks to the adjusting screws. the auxiliary switches are of the mechanical positive opening type.

LimitEx AG can be equipped with cam sets with 2, 3 or 4 switches. The limit switch is available with direct control switches to operate directly on the motor. It is fitted with fixing feet and can be equipped with a flange for direct coupling to the motor.

The LimitEx AG Rotary Limit Switch has a rugged external enclosure manufactured from G20 Cast Iron, ensuring protection against water and dust.

Transmission and gear driving shafts are made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel to prevent oxidation and wear. The data label is also made of Stainless Steel. The gear wheels and the driving bushes are made of self-lubricating techno-polymer material, suitably chosen to reduce the wear to a minimum and to maintain the accuracy of the couplings over time, sintered bronze brushes are moulded into the base of the limit switch to optimize the shaft rotation and to prevent rubbing with plastic material.

Limtex AP Position Limit Switch

LimitEX AP Cross Limit Switch is designed to control the movement of overhead travelling cranes, hoists and complex machine tools operating in potentially explosive areas.

General Features:

  • Operational ambient temperature: -25°C/+60°C
  • Protection degree: IP66
  • Insulation category : Class II
  • Cable entry: Nr. 2 M20X1.5 / M25X1.5 / ½ NPT
  • Operational frequency: 3600 operations / hour max.


  • Case: cast iron G20
  • Head: ZAMA 12
  • Rods: aluminium