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Mechanical Handling

Metreel are leading specialists in Overhead Enclosed Track Workstation Cranes, Jibs and Monorails known as MET-TRACK®.

Each system enables effortless and reliable area-serving overhead handling for a wide variety of applications. They are configured with the operator in mind and includes the principle feature of ease of movement, designed to reduce fatigue and ensure accurate load positioning.

MET-TRACK® Workstation Bridge Cranes enable you to achieve effortless and reliable area-serving overhead handling for a wide variety of applications.

Our range includes both ceiling and floor mounted workstation bridge cranes.

Our Workstation Jib Cranes provide upto 360° coverage in circular areas formed from two basis styles, underbraced and overbraced. They are a perfect handling solution for supporting tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifters and welding wire feeders.

MET-TRACK® track systems can be used in many other applications, in addition to the main applications shown in our cranes pages.

Typical applications for MET-TRACK® track systems are illustrated in this section. Specific literature is available for some of the more popular uses, such as Horizonal Fall Arrest and Sliding Door Gear.

The high strength/low weight factor of the tracks reduces the need for expensive support structures, in turn this offer advantages for customer who have headroom restrictions.

The profile design, which incorporates a self cleaning feature, offers wheel protection and accurate alignment with minimum friction.
High quality free running sealed wheel units are also possible for specific applications - please consult our sales office

MET-TRACK® Sliding Door Gear are rated for loads up to 2000Kgs and are extremely reliable systems for the suspension of all types of industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sliding doors.

ALU-LIFT® Portable Aluminium Gantries are the ultimate in lightweight construction for ease of portability. These gantries are ideal when you require constant assembly and disassembly, such as use by site personnel or for emergency lift in a difficult location.

One of the primary objectives of every company is to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Under these circumstances, ergonomics at the workstation are of the up most importance.

In making production and assembly procedures as convenient and as safe as possible, manipulating systems like Metreel Retractors and Balancers play a major role. Thanks not only to their outstanding positioning capabilities but also their exceptionally safe, durable design and construction, our products are ideal aids at the workbench

Metreel are the UK Distributors for the Lug-All Portable Winch Hoist. These winch hoists feature a strong aluminium frame, self storing aircraft steel wire rope, a reversible safety handle and an interlocking pawl system. The LUG-ALL has been imitated but never surpassed.