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Workstation Cranes

Met-Track® Workstation Bridge Cranes provide an overhead handling solution for the movement of loads upto 2000Kg. The enclosed track profile enable operators to achieve smooth, effortless movement of the load from one area to another.

Suitable for multiple industries like manufacturing, automotive, finishing and aviation but anywhere that involves lifting a load within a rectangular workspace.

Available as Free Standing or Ceiling Mounted when floorspace is limited.

MET-TRACK Cranes - Client Testimonial

MET-TRACK Features

MET-TRACK® Ergonomic Design
The MET-TRACK® steel track design is one of high strength and low weight by combining the running track profile with standoff reinforcement to considerably increase span distances. The 'V' shaped profile of the running track ensures alignment of the trolleys and end truck and prevent dirt accumulation inside the tracks. Machined wheels with crowned tread and precision sealed bearings fitted ensure absolute minimum rolling resistance and provide long operational life.

System Features

  • Four running track profiles to select from – 400, 500, 600 and 700 Series
  • Long spans allow systems to be installed with the minimum of supports, maximising the work cell layout
  • Enclosed track cranes are up to three times easier to move than traditional bridge cranes
  • Small sized profiles for bridges, gantrys and headers allow systems to be installed where headroom is a problem

Easy Installation And Modular Design
The MET-TRACK® pre-engineered modular design allows for easy relocation and/or expansion by simply adding gantry sections and/or additional bridges. Splice joints connect the track sections and are complete with vertical and horizontal adjustment screws, facilitating precise alignment of the track sections.

Floor mounted cranes can be installed on any normal 150mm reinforced concrete floor. If no movement of the support assembly is preferred then we recommend the use of bracing (not included). For further details contact our sales team.
For ceiling mounted cranes it is imperative that you seek professional advice on whether your building structure is capable of withstanding the forces generated by the workstation crane.


Crane Configurations

Floor Mount Cranes

Our Floor Mounted Crane Systems, once installed, are not a permanent part of your building structure and can easily be removed and relocated to accommodate for future changes in your production facility.

Ceiling Mount Cranes

Ceiling mounted systems are ideal when floor space is limited or access by other equipment is required where floor support steels would normally be needed. This option does require that the support structure is suitable for the loads imposed and Sway Bracing is generally required.

Monorail Systems

Using the same profiles as the crane runways we also have available a complete range of monorail capacities. We can offer either a single line configured monorail or one with curves, switches and turntables to form a closed loop facility for such as paint lines etc. Again these can either be floor or ceiling mount.

Bridge Configurations

Intermediate Stops
These can be placed inside the gantry tracks to allow each bridge an independent working area. This means each bridge is isolated into a separate span which minimises the gantry track capacity.


Bridge Buffers
Bridge buffers are suspended from two trolleys in the gantry to create a predetermined minimum distance the bridges can operate from each other.

Mixed Capacity
Multiple bridges can be used with mixed capacities with only the gantry steelwork having to be of a heavier design i.e. two 250Kg bridges can work anywhere when installed on 500Kg gantry kits.

Floor & Ceiling Mount Assemblies

Floor Mounted
Flush Assemblies

Ceiling Mounted Plain Runway
Flush Mount Assemblies

Ceiling Mounted Trussed Runway
Flush Mount Assemblies

Ceiling Mounted Runway
Drop Rod Assemblies

Ceiling Mounted Runway
Sway Bracing Assemblies

Met-Track Components

End Clamp
Fitted at the end of the crane bridge and at the end of the gantry festoon section. Utilised as standard on all systems with festoon power supply.

Festoon Trolley
Utilised on power hoist systems for carrying the flat/round cable or hose from the static source to the moving hoist or bridge

Splice Kits
Connect the top chord of the structure and link track sections for precise alignment.

Hoist Trolley
Facilitates the suspension of the hoist/lifting device from the bridge.

Festoon Extension
Supplied for attachment to the end of one gantry track to provide a storage section for the retractable cable/hose trolleys. Allows complete end to end travel of the bridge.

End Stop
Fastened into the track via a through bolt. Resilient rubber bumper helps absorb impact forces at the track ends. (standard on all systems)

End Carriage
Provides a smooth running connection between the bridge and gantry track. The horizontal side guidance wheels guard against 'crabbing action' which can arise if the gantry tracks are installed slightly out of parallel.

Conductor Systems

The principle of a workstation bridge crane is to make the work of a user easier by designing the system to move freely. When power is required to the lifting equipment it is traditional that standard festoons provide this function, however not without problems.
As a standard upgrade option the MET-TRACK® system has available an enclosed conductor system, named 4DUCTOR®, that can be fitted to the gantry and bridge if festoon loops would pose a problem. This simple to add system offers no resistance to the easy movement of a workstation crane but benefits the installation of end to end travel removing the need for festoon storage.

Bridge Travel With 4Ductor Compared To Festoon System

4DUCTOR® Bridge Travel

Festoon Bridge Travel

Tug Drive Option

MET-TRACK® Tug Drives provide motorised movement on new or existing MET-TRACK® Workstation Bridge Cranes and Workstation Monorails.

Available for steel track and are designed for indoor use. They are ideal for circumstances when an operator cannot stand next to the load to move it by hand or when operations have high cycle times that require frequent lifting of heavy or awkward loads on large, heavy systems.


  • Spring-loaded compression adjustment on drive wheel
  • Direct drive for precise positioning
  • Modular drive design
  • Plug & Play option
  • Bolt-on end carriage / trolley connections for quick & easy installation


  • Worm gear reducer, sealed and lubricated for reliable operation
  • Precision drive assembly and specially designed drive wheel with a moulded polyurethane tread for smooth acceleration and long life
  • Drive wheel rides along inside, top of the track to avoid splice joint sleeve
  • 0.5HP - 1700 RPM Motor
  • Standard speed of 120ft per minute (FPM). Other speeds are available
  • Standard drives are configured for 380-460 Volt 3PH power

Standard Electrical Control Package Includes:

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Controller with soft start and soft stop. VFD can be set for single speed 30-120fpm or Dual Speed (ie. 30 & 120fpm)
  • Mainline Contractor (110 Volt)
  • Control Transformer
  • Terminal Strips (labelled)
  • Mainline and Branch fusing
  • Thermal Overload Protection for all motors
  • NEMA 12 Enclosure

Wiring Options

Metreel does not wire the control panel to the drive motor as standard - this can be requested for quick and easy installation.

When the crane arrives on site, install the drives onto the track and then simply plug in the connections.


Five standard tracks offer a lifting capacity of up to 2000kg utilising a variety of lifting devices. Available in standard or special finishes, including 3 profiles in stainless steel, the MET-TRACK® system offers the customer the option to customise any installation appearance.
The high strength/low weight factor of the tracks reduce the need for expensive steelwork which in turn simplifies installation and future system modifications.

A complete range of curves offer ultimate flexibility for any conveyor or monorail system. When planning a system that requires bends we always advise utilising standard radii if possible, however for those applications which dictate special radii, these are also an option.

Support Brackets
A wide range of standard support brackets to suit most building constructions and supporting steelwork is available. In the event of a requirement for special mounting, we have the capability to design special manufactured items completely to customers requirements. It is essential that the roof, ceiling or floor structure is of adequate strength for the proposed system. We recommend consultation with a qualified structural consultant to advise in this area.

Suspension Trolleys
A vast selection of two, four and eight wheeled suspension trolleys offer connection to endless possibilities of equipment being transported.
Free running sealed wheels are a standard feature of MET-TRACK®. Special options such as waterproof and high temperature are also available. The design of our profiles protect the wheels and ensure minimum friction for the complete range of our suspensions trolleys.

The use of standard turntables and multi-directional units at track joints will add greater flexibility to any monorail or conveyor system. All the MET-TRACK®turntables rotate freely on precision ball bearings and are easily operated and positioned using one of several control mechanism options. Standard turntables provide interconnection for up to four tracks, however additional connections can be incorporated.

Designed to facilitate branching off from the main line conveyor or monorail track. The Swivel Switch offers a maintenance free, easy to operate solution. The basic element is a pivoting track section which incorporates a mechanical stop to close off the inoperative track. The alternative, a Tongue Switch gives a particular advantage when several branch lines are required in close proximity. The basic element is a tongue guide which is suited to either manual or automatic operation.

Entry/Exit Sections
This unit operates in a similar way to the swivel switch and facilitates the insertion/removal of trolleys at a required position, ideally suited for a closed loop system where work flow can increase and decrease and suspension trolley quantity needs to be modified. The basic element is a pivoting track section which incorporates a mechanical stop to close off the open end.

Door Swivel Sections
The door swivel section enables the track to be interrupted automatically by a sliding door for reasons of security or emergency. Typical examples being cold room or fire protection doors. Safety devices are incorporated to ensure that the trolleys cannot disengage from the track during operation.


Brochures & Technical Information