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Met-Track Festoon Systems

Metreels' enclosed track cable/hose festoon systems provide a safe and economical means of supplying power to cranes, hoists and moving machinery travelling along fixed tracks. Suitable for carrying flatform cables, roundform cables or flexible hoses supplying electrical current, compressed air, gases and liquids. The Met-Track range offers 6 different profile sizes, suitable for payloads up to 450kg per metre.

All of Metreel's festoon systems can be delivered to meet with Exe and Exd requirements. Please consult our sales office for further information.


Safe and reliable
Simple to install or modify
Enclosed self cleaning track
Minimum maintenance

Optional Extras

Mounting brackets and fittings
Strain relief cords/wires/webbing
Loop Clamps
Pendant Pushbuttons with Mobile Boxes or Plug/Socket units
Track Curves
Installation Service

Special Features

Special Finishes
Stainless Steel Components
Waterproof and/or stainless steel wheels
Systems designed for use in hazardous explosive environments
Bespoke Service - designed to customers specific requirements
Track SeriesTrolley Cap. KgTrack Cap. Kg/mCable mm Max.Cable Dia. MaxTemp. °CSpeed m/min
100 Series Nylon Wheels610060x20N/A-10 to +8530
100 Series Steel Wheels1010080x4024-30 to +8050
200 Series Steel Wheels2016080x4032-30 to +80100
300 Series Steel Wheels30160125x4043-30 to +80125
400 Series Steel Wheels40200200x6060-30 to +80150
500 Series Steel Wheels80500150x4060-30 to +80180
600 Series1001000200x6060-30 to +80180

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