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Workstation Jib Cranes

The Met-Track® Workstation Jib Crane provides upto 360° coverage in circular areas formed from two basis styles, underbraced and overbraced. They are a perfect handling solution for supporting tool balancers, air balancers, hoists, vacuum lifters and welding wire feeders.

The Jib Arm rotation and trolley travel are both smooth and effortless allowing users maximum control with minimal effort, increasing productivity giving companies a prompt return on the investment. The superior ease of movement means the user force required to operate the Jib Crane is so low, that safety is increased and injuries are minimised.


Ease Of Rotation
The high strength / low weight factor of the Jib Construction weigh less than traditional I-Beam Jibs, therefore the rotation requires far less force. This minimal jib arm weight combined with precision tapered bearings or bronze brushes with oilite thrust washers combine to produce effortless rotation.

Precision Load Positioning
The combination of the free moving trolleys, and ease of boom rotation make the MET-TRACK® Jib Cranes an excellent solution for positioning and placing loads.

Quiet Heavy-Duty Wheels
Machined wheels with crowned tread and precision sealed bearings fitted ensure absolute minimum rolling resistance and provide long operational life.

Ready For Powered Hoisting
MET-TRACK® Jib Cranes are supplied with a hoist trolley as standard. A factor of 15% of the Jib capacity has been allowed for hoist weight. A further 25% factor has been applied for impact, covering speeds of up to 50 f.p.m.

Large Range Of Spans/Capacities
Our standard range of MET-TRACK® Jib Cranes have been designed to cater for the majority of the applications by covering a large range of spans and capacities, all detailed within this brochure. This ensures all the lead times and costs involved with customisation are avoided.

Jib Configurations

360° Rotation Under Braced
Post Mount Jib Crane

180° Rotation Under Braced
Wall Mount Jib

270° Rotation Over Braced
Post Mount Jib Crane

180° Rotation Over Braced
Wall Mount Jib Crane


Tagline Festoon

In Track Festoon

Rotational Stop

Jib Friction Brake


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