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Met-Trak Drag Chains

Metreel's range of Met-Trak™ Offshore Drag Chain Systems provides support and protection for the safe conveyance of cables and hoses feeding skid bases, jack up installations, vessels/drill ships, top drives, cranes, hoists and handling systems for both upstream and downstream projects.

Introduction to MET-TRAK Drag Chains

For the most part the Met-Trak™ Drag Chain range covers general market requirements, however there are times when a conventional system will not meet the complete demands of the application, at Metreel we are very well equipped to deal with bespoke solutions, like the application illustrated left.

In addition to the standard forward and back travel arrangements, our client had the need for the chain system to cope with twist and rotation caused by the fact that one of the supporting decks was in fact a moored vessel and was subject to tidal conditions. The inclusion of a pivotable ball joint mechanism was a special design developed by our design team.

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The MET-TRAK™ Range of Offshore Cable & Hose Drag Chains is split in to 3 different series. The 'MTX Series' for Cables and Hoses, The 'MT Series' suited for cable only applications and the 'M Series' better suited for applications with smaller volumes of cables.

Met-Trak™ Drag Chain systems can be utilised in many different attitudes to provide the solution to space or operational restrictions. These include; Standard Horizontal Travel, Standard Vertical Travel, Standard Extended Travel, Combined Travel and Opposed Travel

Met-Trak™ Drag Chains are all designed and built to suit individual client requirements. Met-Trak™ Drag Chains will usually follow one or a combination of six different configurations. These include; Double Band, Triple Band, Quad Band, Double Nested, Side Runner and laydown.

Often, customer's can call upon our years of experiencing in the offshore industry to overcome particular challenges, or to assist in the design of common interface items, to optimise our Met-Trak™ Drag Chain Systems. These include; Tow Arms, Met-Clamps, Stationary Support Rollers, Swing-Out/Removeable Stationary Support Rollers, Support / Guide Trays

"Lifting & Transportation Frames" housing a complete Met-Trak™ drag chain with the hoses ready installed and accurately placed within to protect expansions and contractions, plus ensuring accurate tail length settings to suit static pipe work.

With the vast majority of our drag chain systems being bespoke to particular requirements, we have a number of proven calculation, testing and certification criteria, which we employ to both prove designs and provide clients with the necessary level of assurance that their product is designed to last.