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Akapp MultiConductor

A compact and multi purpose conductor system. The uninterrupted conductors ensure a perfect transmission of current feed as well as control and data signals. A flexible rubber sealing strip prevents penetration of dust or liquids. Multiconductor® is well suited for extremely long tracks and high travel speeds.

Multiconductor® used world wide for cranes, traverse cars, automated warehouses, elevators, textile production, sluices, trains, even in extremely dusty humid or even corrosive environments. Multiconductor® can accommodate most applications including curved travels. Please consult our sales team for more information on what curves are available.

Technical Data

Conductor Capacity:Up to 7
Current Capacities:35, 50, 80, 125, 160A
Parallel Capacities:250, 320A
Protection:Up to IP44
Housing Lengths:2, 4m
Temperature Range:-30°C to +80°C
Maximum Speed:250m/min
Suited For:Most Standard Appications
Feed Options:End or Centre Feed
Additional Options:Sealing Strip Curved Profile Option

Typical Applications

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