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Offshore Booms

The MET-BOOM™  Outreach Boom System was introduced as an option to conventional Drag Chains and Festoon systems carrying cables & hoses offshore, especially where either ground level space or equipment location space is at a premium.

This unique Metreel product was developed as a follow on to the Beam-Rider™ Festoon System and utilises many components from this standard range.

The system provides the facility for a combination of X, Y and Z movements from one installation which is available due to the options of horizontal extension, vertical extension and angular slewing of the boom section(s), all of which are standard features of this range.

MET-BOOM™ systems are particularly useful in retrofit applications where space for both mounting and traversing of equipment is at a premium.

Typical installations include the conveyance of flexibles feeding oil rig skid bases, jack up installations and handling systems offshore.

Technical Data

Temperature Range -40ºC to +120ºC
Designed to operate under all weather conditions
Cable support plates guarantee cable bend radius
All services, electric, hydraulics etc., can be carried simultaneously
Strainer wire prevent mechanical stress on cables/hoses
Metreel designed loop clamps ensure complete control of flexibles under all weather conditions and permit easy addition of extra cables/hoses
Minimum number of moving components
Maintenance free
Tiered construction allows for separation of services where required
Design ensures easy addition and removal of flexibles

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