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Offshore Festoons

The Beam-Rider™ range of extra heavy duty cable/hose trolley systems have been specifically designed to suit the offshore applications such as carrying cables and hoses to feed skid bases, jack up installations, vessels / drill ships and cranes.

One of the prime features of the Beam-Rider™ range is the freedom of maintenance and the easy access to all felxibles, which is particularly important when considering the addition and removal of flexibles under adverse weather conditions.

A wide variety of wheel styles, specifications and capacities are available in order to accommodate the various track forms which can be encountered on these installations.

Four basic ranges are available as standard for accommodating flexibles up to 125mm diameter with indivdual trolley cable/hose payloads, ranging from 300kgs up to 2500kgs.

The maximum number of cable/hose support tiers available as standard is 5, with 2, 3 or 4 being most popular however, special arrangements can be accommodated when required, upon application.

The Beam-Rider™ range provides a solution for a large number of offshore cable/hose handling applications when dimensional constraints exist and/or budgetary restrictions and are a popular alternative to conventional Drag Chain systems. For installation and maintenance reasons, festoon system are often selected for retrofit applications.

Typical Features

Operational temperature range from -40°C TO +120°C
Designed to operate under all weather conditions
Ideally suited to both short and long traverse distances
Cable supporttiers eliminate tension and guarantee the cable/hose bend radii conform to manufacturers recommendations
All services, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics etc can be carried simultaneously
Strainer wires prevent mechanical stress on the cables/hoses
Special design loop clamps ensure complete control of flexibles under all weather conditions
Minimum number of moving components
Maintenance free trolleys
Tiered construction allows for segregation of services where required
Trolley designs ensure easy addition and removal of flexibles when required