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Powerfeed Systems

Founded some 50 years ago, Metreel are leading specialists in Powerfeed, Materials Handling and Personnel Fall Arrest & Access solutions. A wealth of industry knowledge and experience coupled with the dedication to provide a high level customer service, these are some of the major benefits received when choosing Metreel as your solution provider.

Within our Powerfeed capacity we offer a full range of conductor bars, cable and hose reels, slip-rings & collector columns, cable festoons, drag chains, pendant push buttons and rotary and worm gear limit switches.

In addition to the many high quality products we offer within our standard range, Metreel also have a significant capacity for bespoke solutions. A dedicated design team utilising 3D CAD software can offer a design service from concept to final product.

Metreel is one of the leading suppliers of cable and hose reeling systems in the UK, typically being utilised for the safe supply of power and controls to cranes, hoists, materials handling plant and travelling machines.

Metreel's range of cable / hose festoon systems include a variety of capacities designed to travel along wire rope, enclosed tracks and 'I' beams. Guaranteed for efficient operation these products are extremely versatile and allow virtually endless configurations to suit a specific requirement.

Metreel's range of AKAPP conductor systems are designed to be safe reliable power supplies for cranes, hoisting equipment, warehouse equipment, overhead conveyor tracks etc. Four different conductor systems which can be tailored to suit your particular requirements.

A Limit switch is a device used to detect and/or measure movement of industrial equipment such as Electronic Overhead Travelling gantry cranes (EOT’s) within a predetermined distance or travel. Providing accurate positional information to interfaces such as PLCs. Limit Switches are crucial to the safe operation and protection of electrically driven equipment.

Metreel are distributors of TER Pendant/Joystick Control Stations for the remote control of crane & hoist operations. These are high quality reliable solutions for heavy duty environments

We supply 4 ranges of pendant control stations from 2-20way, all with customisable options. Our Joystick range consists of 2 ranges with multiple configurations and controllers. 

The Metreel range of flatform cable and glands have been developed principally for use in conjunction with Festoon Systems for the conveyance of power to cranes, hoists and similar traversing equipment. Flatform cable can also be utilised for static wiring applications where the flat profile is particularly suitable for laying against walls, in cable trays, etc.

The cables form a small bend radius and offer the advantage of a reduced storage length where space is restricted. Flatform cable combinations are generally more stable on outdoor applications where high cross winds are experienced. Various combinations of cables may be selected from this standard range which covers the majority of power and control cable requirements. The smooth exterior profile, rectangular with rounded corners, lends itself to easy stacking of cable combinations and sealing at the cable gland.


Metreel's range of Steel Drag Chains are designed to protect and convey cables and hoses for x, y and z axis motion on machine tools, robots and materials handling equipment.