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Akapp ProDuctor

This is the most compact, varied conductor system for automated warehouses and many other applications. The PVC housing can be applied just centimetres above floor level. The uninterrupted conductors ensure a perfect transmission of both feed, control and data signals.

ProDuctor® has been designed for extreme travel lengths and high travel speeds making it perfectly suited for automated warehouse applications.

Computer Rendered Illustrations of ProDuctor Profile

Technical Data

Conductor Capacity:Up to 10
Current Capacities:50, 80, 125, 160, 200A
Parallel Capacities:250, 320A
Housing Lengths:4m
Temperature Range:-30°C to +60°C
Maximum Speed:500m/min
Suited For:Automated Warehouses
Feed Options:End or Centre Feed
Additional Options:Curved Transfer Guides

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