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Safety Systems

Within our Safety Systems division we specialise in the design and installation of both suspended and fixed access systems, enabling high level maintenance activities to be undertaken safely and efficiently.

A complete range of horizontal and vertical enclosed track based products providing solutions for Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest, Suspended Access and Travelling Ladders form the major part of our capacity.

In addition to the many high quality products we offer within our standard range, Metreel also have a significant capacity for bespoke solutions.

A dedicated design team utilising 3D CAD software can offer a design service from concept to final product.

The basic Met-Track® profile is available in four different sizes for Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest and Suspended Access, such as Abseil applications. Depending upon the application and profile selected this range offers protection for up to 4 users utilising 4 metre maximum supports. As standard our tracks are designed to accommodate fall angles up to 30° from the installed position.

  • Less Fall Clearance
  • Longer Span Distances Between Supports
  • Reduced Risk Of Secondary Fall Injuries
  • Safer Work For Multiple People

Laddertrack is a bespoke range of mobile ladders, where enclosed track is used for the suspension and guidance of the complete equipment. Typical applications include access to facades, large curtain walled / glazed areas or non-load bearing panels for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

The major reason for incorporating a Laddertrack system into the design of a building is to provide a means of access to areas, which would normally be unsafe to reach due to either their location or material make-up.

CRADLETRACK® is an alternative track system ideally suited for the suspension of mobile cradles and seats.

Two track sizes 600 and 700, each offering high strength, low weight and small overall dimensions, perfect for installations where aesthetic requirements demand that the support track is integral with the building design.

The design of the profile ensures accurate wheel alignment with minimum friction, thus eliminating snagged movement when traversing across a facade area. The enclosed profile also protects the traversing wheels from potential damage from external elements.

As a complement to the CRADLETRACK® range Metreel offer two powerfeed options Conductors and Reeling Drums, specifically chosen for their resilience to outdoor weather conditions.

Metreel supply an extensive range of Fall Arrest Ladder Systems. Whether you are looking to upgrade and retro-fit fall arrest capabilities to your exisiting access ladders or looking to install complete fall arrest ladder systems Metreel provide a wide range of options catering for both.