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SPA Pendant Control Stations

The SPA Pendant Control Station is designed for auxiliary control of electrical motors through a power interface, such as contactor or PLC. Designed for heavy duty industrial applications and suitable for use under particularly sever climate conditions,  this control station is available with up to 20 buttons arranged on a double row to allow for pairing of opposite functions keeping it compact. Available with 1 or 2 speed double switches and up to 4NO or 4NC single switches with quick coupling system.

Manufactured from wear resistant materials that also protects against water and dust and conforms to CE Standards.


General technical specifications

  • Storage Ambient Temperature: -40ºC/+70ºC
  • Operational Ambient Temperature: -25ºC/+70ºC
  • Protection Degree: IP65
  • Insulation Category: Class II
  • Cable Entry: Rubber cable sleeve (Ø 14÷26mm)
  • Operating Positions: Any position

Technical Specifications Of The Microswitches

  • Utilisation Category: AC15
  • Rated Operational Current: 1.9 A
  • Rated Operational Voltage: 380 V
  • Rated Thermal Current: 10 A
  • Rated Insulation voltage: 500 V
  • Mechanical Life: 1x106 Operations
  • Connections: Screw-type terminal
  • Wires: 1 x 2.5mm2, 2 x 1.5mm2
  • Tightening Torque: 0.8 Nm

Standard Buttons - Symbols Only