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Met-Trak Range

The MET-TRAK™ Range of Offshore Cable & Hose Drag Chains is split in to 3 different series. The 'MTX Series' for Cables and Hoses, The 'MT Series' suited for cable only applications and the 'M Series' better suited for applications with smaller volumes of cables.

MTX Series

These really do represent the ‘state of the art’, utilising premium materials, quality design, up to date manufacturing and quality processes, combined with years of experience in the field. We individually tailor proven designs into bespoke solutions to individual project needs. Our MET-TRAK™ offshore range of drag chain systems offer class leading performance and longevity, assured through the benefit of years of experience at providing solutions for customers specialist requirements. We engineer each application to provide the client with the best.

Key Features:

  • Multi-compartment construction, for combination pay loads of cables and hoses
  • Fully assembled and delivered to site ("plug and play") or delivered to site in separate sections to allow on site assembly
  • Proven cable & hose compartment design and construction
  • Use of high grade materials throughout
  • Special drag chain compliant hoses can be included in the package when required
  • Third party FEA design authentication prior to production ensuring integrity of design
  • Multiple options available to accommodate the most challenging of requirements
  • Individually custom designed to suit each application, each time, every time, right down to special environmental considerations such as snow/ice loads or other extremes of temperature, seismic conditions or wind loads

MT Series

This range is specially designed to accommodate the unique requirements of cable only applications. Often oil and gas equipment does not require hoses in order to function, cables providing its only source of power. Our custom approach to designing these systems ensures that these valuable cables are well protected, using quality components and high quality engineering. We ensure that the cables are controlled, fitted and handled to prolong their life expectancy.

Key Features:

  • Multi-compartment construction
  • Cable protection sleeves and/or rollers for increased cable life and less wear
  • High weight handling capacity and good utilisation of space
  • High weight handling abilities combined with optimum use of space
  • Durability
  • Custom designed to suit your application

M Series