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Tool Retractors & Balancers

One of the primary objectives of every company is to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Under these circumstances, ergonomics at the workstation are of the up most importance.

In making production and assembly procedures as convenient and as safe as possible, manipulating systems like Metreel Retractors and Balancers play a major role. Thanks not only to their outstanding positioning capabilities but also their exceptionally safe, durable design and construction, our products are ideal aids at the workbench.

Our range of Retractors and Balancers are all designed and made in accordance with the high quality standards laid down in the international standard DIN ISO 9001. Needless to say, all these products undergo exhaustive testing and bear the GS label of approval safety, as well as complying with CE requirements.

Metreel Retractors are designed in such a way that retraction force increases as the cable is extended. As a result the attached tool is returned to its starting position by the retractor after use, leaving the workbench free for other tools or items of equipment. An assurance of precision work is provided by the shallow rising graph representing the progressive increase in spring force.

Metreel Balancers are distinguished by their conical cable drum which ensures that the retraction force remains virtually 'constant', regardless of the cable travel. As a result, the position is retained after the attached tool has been used. In addition, no noteworthy increase in retraction force occurs when delicate operations are being performed. As a result, Metreel balancers permit fatigue-free working, even over prolonged periods of time.

Certain versions of retractors and balancers are fitted with an automatic arresting mechanism which stops the retraction process in a predetermined position, provided the attached tool is returned slowly. If the cable retracts rapidly, the arresting mechainism will not operate. This feature is particularly useful for example, if there is a need to prevent the tool from returning to its original starting position between individual work stages.

5000-9000 Series Tool Balancers

Model SeriesLoad RangeCableLength
52000.5 - 2.0Kg2m
72000.0 - 2.0Kg1.2m
7211 / 72120.6 - 3.0Kg2m
7221 / 72222.0 -5.0Kg3m
72230.4 - 3.0Kg0.8m
72280.6 - 6.5Kg1.5m
7230 / 7231 3 - 21Kg2m
723515 - 55Kg2m
724112 - 100Kg2m
724812 - 100Kg2m
725115 - 150Kg3m
920030 - 60Kg2.5m

BG / TQ Series Tool Balancers

Model No. (Constant Pull)Model No. (Ratchet Lock)Load RangeCable Length
BG-03BG-03-L1.4 - 3.2Kg2.4m
BG-07BG-07-L1.4 - 3.2Kg2.4m
BG-10BG-10-L3.6 - 5.4Kg2.4m
BG-15BG-15-L4.5 - 6.8Kg2.4m
BG-20BG-20-L7.2 - 10.4Kg2.4m
BG-20SH*BG-20SH-L7.2 - 10.4Kg2.4m
BG-25BG-25-L9.9 - 12.2Kg2.4m
N/ATQ1507**1.4 - 3.2Kg4.5m
N/ATQ1510**2.3 - 4.54.5m
N/ATQ1515**4.5 - 6.8Kg4.5m

* Includes BG-SH 'Shock Stop' see below
** Clevis mount. For rigid mount add '-R' to model number

EH Series Tool Balancers

Model SeriesLoad RangeCable Length
EH-020.5 - 2.0Kg1.0m
EH-031.0 - 3.0Kg1.3m
EH-052.5 - 5.0Kg1.3m
EH-094 - 9Kg1.1m
EH-159 - 15Kg1.1m
EH-2215 - 22Kg1.3m
EH-3022 - 30Kg1.3m
EH-4030 - 40Kg1.3m
EH-5040 - 50kg1.3m
EH-6050 - 60Kg1.3m
EH-7060 - 70Kg1.3m
EH-8570 -85Kg1.3m
EH-10085 - 100Kg1.3m
EH-120100 - 120Kg1.3m
EH-140120 - 140Kg1.3m

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