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Type 5200 Light Duty Balancer

The 5200 spring balancer, designed for loads infinitely adjustable between 0.5 and 2KG, is recommended for tasks where a tool needs to be kept in the 3rd dimension at a predetermined position. With a cable travel of 2m, this model provides sufficient range to allow the suspended load to be retracted to a predetermined position over larger distances aswell.

The use of special plastics for the housing and the cable drum, together with a selected special material for the spring, make this balancer model an ideal workplace assistant.

An easy to use and reliable retractor that is popular among users.


Model No.Load CapacityCable ReachNet Weight
5200 0000 010.5 - 1.2kg 2.0m0.6kg
5200 0000 021.0 - 2.0kg2.0m0.6kg

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