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Type 7211 & 7212 Balancers

This range of spring balancer provides the perfect support when working with small hand operated tools of any kind, such as electrical or pneumatic tools, stitchers, nailers, manual scanners or labelling machines, measuring equipment etc.

Adjustment to the desired load range is very easy, with optimized load graduations. An ample cable extension range of 2.5m is also provided.

The rugged design of the 7211 type series means dependable and low wear operation, with a long life being guaranteed even at a high cable extension rate.

The 7212 version comes with a ratchet lock. This automatic arresting mechanism allows the load to be suspended in a predefined position if moved back at a lower speed.

A fall prevention device (not supplied) can be optionally integrated as an additional safety component via a bore hole provided in the housing for this purpose. The optimized solution for small tools of all kinds.


Part No.Load CapacityCable ReachNet Weight
7211 0800 010.5 - 2.0kg2.5m0.8kg
7211 0800 021.5 - 3.0kg2.5m0.8kg
7212 0800 01 (with Arrestor)0.5 - 2.0kg2.5m0.9kg
7212 0800 02 (with Arrestor)1.5 - 3.0kg2.5m0.9kg

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