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X-FRZ & X-FSC Position Limit Switches

The X-FSC positions limit switches have 'T' or 'Cross' rods which may move to 3 or 4 maintained positions, while the X-FRZ X-FCS positions limit switches feature a single rod or a rod with roller with spring return movements. These limit switches are equipped with 1NO+1NC snap action.

Both the enclosure and the head of the limit switches are made of thermoplastic material (nylon reinforced with fiberglass). Materials and components ensure high resistance and endurance and protect the equipment against water and dust.

X-FSC series

X-FRZ series

X-FRZ & X-FSC Position Limit Switch Dimensions

General specifications

Conformity to Community Directives: 2006/95/CE 2006/42/CE
Conformity to Standards: EN 60204-1 EN 60947-1 EN 60947-5-1 EN 60529
Storage ambient temperature: -40°C/+70°C
Operational ambient temperature: -25°C/+70°C
Protection degree: IP65 max. with dedicated cable clamp M20
Insulation category: Class II
Cable entry: cable clamp M20
Operation frequency: 3600 operations/hour max
Markings and homologations: CE EAC

Specifications of the microswitches

Utilisation category: AC 15
Rated operational current: 3 A
Rated operational voltage: 250 V
Rated thermal current: 10 A
Rated insulation voltage: 300 V
Terminal referencing: according to EN 50013
Connections: screw-type terminals
Wires: 1x2.5 mm², 2x1.5 mm² (UL - (c)UL: use 60°C or 75°C copper (CU) conductor and wire size N° 16-18 AWG)
Tightening torque: 0.8 Nm
Markings and homologations: CE (c)UL

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