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5 Signs Your Workplace Is Due An Equipment Upgrade

February 8, 2023

Workplace equipment including material handling products are designed to make your business safer and more efficient. 

But like all equipment, regular maintenance is essential to keep your tools and machinery in good working order. Though, there will come a time when repairs no longer satisfy health and safety requirements. Or simply the need to move to a more modern solution.

If you’re having any concerns about your workplace equipment in terms of material handling, then you’re in the right place, as this is what we specialise in here at Metreel. We’re market leaders in industrial solutions specialising in personal safety, powerfeed and mechanical handling systems.

While no substitute for an official health and safety evaluation, here are some of the top signs it’s time to invest in some equipment upgrades for your business. 

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Safety Concerns Have Been Noted By Inspectors Or Your Team

We’ll start with the most serious sign your workplace equipment is not fit for purpose: you’ve officially been told so. 

There’s only so often any piece of machinery will run until it either needs maintenance or a full replacement. In addition, safety regulations and guidelines may have been updated since the equipment was purchased, meaning previous systems may no longer be compliant. 

Be sure to immediately cease using any equipment which does not meet health and safety requirements. If repairs cannot be made to remedy the issue, then an upgrade of the machine or system will be necessary. 


Your Operations Aren’t Efficient

Technology and general methodology are constantly evolving. 

One such example is the use of automation within a warehouse environment. Go back 20 years, and the likes of Amazon would have had workers manually find items in the warehouse and get these shipped to customers. Now automated machines do this work, it means orders can reach customers far quicker, and thus has given the company the ability to expand to gargantuan heights. 

Whatever your business happens to do, if your efficiency isn’t good enough, then there are only so many improvements you can make elsewhere. If you rely on your equipment such as cranes or powerfeed systems, and these aren’t up to scratch you will actually be losing money as a business. 

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You Want To Expand Your Business Capabilities 

The above point leads us nicely onto our next one. That is, efficiency within the business means you can grow and increase profitability. 

Let’s take our material handling solutions as a notable example. Manual lifting and repositioning of loads isn’t always possible. Even for lighter loads, the repositioning can be a slow process which ultimately speeds down the process for warehouses, industrial applications or construction sites.

However, the ability to lift loads via the likes of overhead cranes, jib cranes or monorail systems instantly opens up way more potential for the business. All while improving safety and even employee satisfaction due to improved working conditions. 

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Maintenance Costs Are Getting Too High 

Just like repairing our cars, workplace machinery repairs can also become too expensive to be financially viable. This can be the case due to general wear and tear, or even due to equipment damage. 

If your business operations cannot happen without certain equipment, then leaving that system to decay further isn’t an option. But neither is repairing it, because you won’t see a return on that investment.

Investing in upgraded equipment may even seem like a more expensive option. Though because you’ll enjoy greater efficiency and reduced maintenance costs, you have a far better chance of recouping any money spent. 

It’s Been Sometime Since You Upgraded Your Equipment 

Last but certainly not least, there comes a point when all equipment has seen its day. Since this equipment was first installed, better technology has come onto the market, meaning your business is currently being left behind. 

In order to remain competitive, your business must work in a way that’s efficient. If any old equipment is preventing this aim, then it’s time to embrace the future by upgrading any outdated systems. 

Metreel Material Handling – Upgrade Your Industrial Workplace Equipment With The Leading Suppliers 

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Are you a business owner or facilities manager in search of safer or more efficient equipment? 

Metreel specialises in various workplace equipment including material handling, fall protection and powerfeed systems. We’re based in Derbyshire and operate across the UK and beyond. 

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