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Mechanical Handling & Lifting Equipment

Mechanical handing and lifting equipment designed to streamline your operations and reduce risk

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Mechanical Handling Equipment

Met-Track® mechanical handling and lifting equipment built to your specification to suit your needs

Mechanical and material handling is a big part of any operation which is why we’ve been manufacturing and supplying some of the biggest companies around the world with the best handling equipment possible. From jib cranes and track systems to gantries and monorails, our expert teams are ready to help you.

Improve your workflow, streamline your processes and protect your employees while doing it with made to measure equipment for your facility.

A market leading product for light rail solutions to meet your specific application requirements precisely, quickly and efficiently. The components of our customisable system can be integrated to create monorails, cranes, floor and wall mounted jibs and many other track based solutions.

Workstation Jib Cranes

Workstation Cranes

Track Systems



Hoists & Balancers

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Design Service

Metreel provide a full engineering design service for our range of handling systems aimed towards working with our clients to help turn their requirements into reality in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Using the latest CAD software and design methods to streamline the design process from beginning to completion, we are able to present our ideas and solutions to our clients at every stage of the design process allowing them to view and interact throughout the process.

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What is mechanical handling?

Mechanical handling is a term used to describe a system that contains equipment which manages the movement and storage of goods. These systems are often made up of heavy machinery that can lift and move much more than a human could.

There are a number of different types of equipment that can become part of the mechanical handling system and these all work together to ensure goods can move around a factory or warehouse freely, creating an efficient process.

System Configurator

Using our CraneBUILDER® platform we can configure a met-track® Workstation Crane specific to your requirements, providing drawings and quotations within minutes and giving you all the essential information required to plan your solution.


Our crane builder lets you configure your own crane based on the dimensions of the area you have to work with and then get a price for the supply and installation of it.

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Installation And Service

Our site team offer a wide range of services from the initial concept and surveys, through installation and follow up maintenance and testing programs, with the goal that your equipment operates efficiently and without faults.

Knowledge and experience

Being dedicated to the products we offer, our Site team has a wealth of application knowledge and experience. All of our teams are fully trained and consistently updated with regards to any changes or modifications to products or technical specifications, more importantly we maintain a high level of interest in current practices within industry and ensure that our team are suitably informed about what is expected of us.

Qualified engineers

Metreel’s site team consist of qualified electromechanical engineers that have been apprentice trained and have relevant experience.

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From Concept To Commissioning

The crucial stage of most projects is early on whilst considering how best to provide a solution for your requirement. We believe that providing the customer with all the necessary services required to ensure the final installation is fit for purpose, is of paramount importance and therefore we have developed our service to include survey, installation, test and commission, service and maintenance.

Product Support

Despite every effort to identify potential problems during regular maintenance of equipment, breakdowns can occasionally occur. In the event of such a problem, you can be sure that our engineers will be on-site as soon as possible to help reduce expensive and unwelcome downtime.

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