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Reeling Drums


Cable & Hose Reeling Drums

Metreel is one of the leading suppliers of cable and hose reeling systems in the UK and has recently acquired the products of the renowned UK Reeling Drum manufacturer, namely Metool Reeling Products. The additional of this range adds value to our offering by providing a standard product solution to our portfolio of engineered solutions.

This comprehensive range includes options of spring and motor drive options as standard, however many special and custom designed solutions are possible from within our capacity and wealth of experience.

SC spring operated cable reeling Drums

By using one piece drum halves made from heavy gauge steel, the SC range of reels offer strong and waterproof solution for both indoors and outdoor environments. The drum revolves on a pair of “sealed for life” ball races resulting in the complete reel being maintenance free.

The springs have been proved in service for over 50 years and are manufactured from the highest quality materials. They are of the “clock spring” or spiral wound type and by using the springs singly or assembled in series or in parallel, a wide range of performance characteristic can be obtained from the standard range.

  • Large Range of Applications
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Long Life Components
  • Standard & special designs
SCserCableR from Metreel
SD30 Reel cut out v4 1 700x700 1 from Metreel

SD spring operated cable reeling Drums

The range of SD Series Hose Reels are ideal for heavy duty use in maintenance shops, garages, workshops and industrial units.

The spring operated reels are constructed from heavy gauge steel to give maximum mechanical strength and are supplied with a robust roller guide and stopcatch to relieve tension.

Manufactured using a minimum number of components, the hose reels are low maintenance, as the drum revolves on a pair of ball races which are sealed for life.

An important advantage is that the SD Series Hose Reels are extremely versatile. Consequently, they can be used in the servicing of heavy construction equipment on-site which reduces expensive ‘downtime’ considerably.

  • Dispenses various fluids & gases for all areas of industry
  • Can be supplied with hoses
  • Up to 1½” Bore
  • Reduces wear & tear
  • Powder coat finish

Motor driven cable & hose reels

The VECTORQ product range includes cost-efficient motorised reels systems produced using our In-house engineering and integration of products according to the specific application and operational environments. Designed and built for intermittent and continuous use. Our professional and dedicated team members support customers from design to commissioning of products and systems ready for use in the harshest operating and ambient conditions.

Monospiral, random lay, parallel lay configurations, for use with several drive systems and standard motors for low maintenance costs and effective system integration.

MG 0020 scaled from Metreel

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Typical Applications

Port & Maritime Mining & tunnellingIndustry
Ship-to-shore cranes
Automatic stacking cranes
Rail-mounted gantry cranes
Ship loaders
Shore power systems
Tunnel boring machines (TBM)
Face drilling machines
Electric rope shovels
Steel manufacturing
Chemical plant
Nuclear power plant

Earth bonding reels

The Metreel Earth Bonding Reel is designed for aircraft and other refuelling applications where static electricity build-up generated by the transfer of fuel can result in spark hazards.

The reel, which is fixed to the chassis or frame of the refuelling tanker, is self-retracting and carries 40m of high conductivity copper braided cable. The spring and stop catch mechanism allows the cable to be pulled out and relaxed at any desired position, an extra pull being all that is required to start the reel rewinding. A heavy duty universal spring clamp completes the circuit to the aircraft or other vehicle and ensures that both are at the common potential.

  • Totally sealed spring and stopcatch prevents ingress of road dirt and water
  • Stopcatch mechanism allows reel to be mounted in any position
  • Complete with 40m 1c 4mm² PVC sheathed braided copper cable, rubber bump stop and heavy duty spring clamp
  • Total earth path resistance 0.25Ohm
  • Reel mechanism tested to -40°C. Standard cable suitable for -19°C. Special cables for lower temperature available on request
  • Hand rewind version also available.
EarthBonding001 scaled from Metreel
178520 01 1 scaled from Metreel

Custom engineered solutions

Metreel’s range of standard reeling solutions cover the majority of applications required by industry, however from time to time you may have a need which falls outside of normal parameters and as such needs a special solution.

Our capacity to develop custom designed reels is second to none, with 3D CAD software our engineers use their vast experience to develop solutions for clients providing realistic visual models to help with the design process.

If you’re in need of reeling drums or any other powerfeed products get in touch with us on 0115 932 7010.

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Take a look at our brochure today and find out more about our products

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