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Access Ladders

Suspension systems for travelling ladders and cradles

Vertical Access Ladders

Metreel supply an extensive range of Fall Arrest Ladder Systems. Whether you are looking to upgrade and retro-fit fall arrest capabilities to your existing access ladders or looking to install complete fall arrest ladder systems Metreel provide a wide range of options catering for both.

Invisirung® Vertical Access Ladders with Folding Rungs

Whilst all FALLGUARD® Safety Ladder and Track systems provide an excellent solution to Vertical Access requirements within an industrial environment. Our INVISIRUNG® Safety Ladder system has been designed with aesthetics in mind. Its unique Folding Rung design means INVISIRUNG® is the solution for use in locations where minimal visual impact is required.

NVISIRUNG® is therefore ideal for use in rural locations or where strict planning requirements may apply (for example on telecoms structures, pylons, chimneys, church towers and sensitive or listed buildings).

Using INVISIRUNG® is quick & simple, each rung is folded down as the user ascends the ladder then simply folded neatly back behind the slim line safety track upon descending. The rungs have a positive ‘click’ latching action when folded down and require a release tab on the back of each rung to be pressed before they can be folded back up.

Both the rail and rungs can be painted according to the end user’s requirements. This option makes it easy for architects and specifiers to build INVISIRUNG™ discreetly into their design with minimum impact on the structure to which they are fixed.

An additional advantage of fitting and INVISIRUNG® system is that it is useable all times, even following the arrest of a fall. Unlike wire systems there is no need to re-tension the system therefore, it can be used by an additional user to effect rescue.

invisirung latch from Metreel
P4290043 scaled 1 from Metreel

Fallguard® Vertical Fall Arrest Access Ladders

Manufactured and tested in accordance with EN353-1, FALLGUARD® has been developed to provide the ultimate enclosed track vertical fall arrest system. Unlike other enclosed track systems, FALLGUARD® has a unique asymmetrical track profile, which coupled with it’s retaining carriage ensures correct orientation during insertion every time, without the need of additional bolt on guides.

With the FALLGUARD® system, not only can the user travel in a vertical direction utilising the turntable section, the user may move into an adjoining horizontal profile without disconnecting from the safety of the system.

The FALLGUARD® system incorporates notches within the track profile, which enables the retaining carriage to ‘lock off’ should a fall occur. These notches are also used for fixing various accessories and wall mounting brackets without compromising the safety of the user.

The retaining carriage is the travelling link between the FALLGUARD® system and the user. Trouble free, this is also extremely simple to use and has been designed as small and lightweight as possible.


FALLGUARD® has been used to provide complete fall protection for personnel in many different applications and environments. Typical uses range from maintenance access for telecommunications structures, electricity pylons, railway signals, towers and silos to roof access systems on extremely high commercial and industrial buildings.

FALLGUARD® has also been used for specialist applications such as confined space installations for water utility companies and industrial chimney installations for steeplejack access.
Optional fold away platforms that can be used as rest or workstations are available and should be considered every 6-9m. The platforms are fitted to the rear of the track profile and fold neatly away when not in use. The FALLGUARD® system and its components are available in either carbon steel with a galvanized finish or, 304-grade stainless steel.

The two main forms are rail only, used for attaching to existing ladders and rail with rungs, a complete ladder system generally used for new installations and fall arrest systems.

The FALLGUARD® system has been used worldwide for almost every conceivable vertical access application and is generally more cost-effective than installing a fabricated ladder with an additional fall arrest system.

DSCN0690 scaled from Metreel

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