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Fall Protection Systems, Equipment & Work Access

Personnel protection for at work applications

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Rigid Rail Anchor Systems

Met-Track® equipment supplied across the world, protecting workers everywhere

The Met-Track® range of rigid rail fall protection and work access systems are leading solutions for fall prevention within industry. From heavy manufacturing to aesthetic architectural buildings the Met-Track® range has proven to be a perfect partner meeting the demands of the environment, whilst ensuring the safety of personnel carrying our regular operation at height. All of our products meet or exceed industry standards and are certified by SATRA, including systems such as fall protection arrest system, fall protection barriers and protection rails.

Fall Arrest

Fall Restraint

Building Maintenance

Access Ladders


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Fall Arrest vs Fall Restraint

While they sound very similar there is a main differences between fall restraint and fall arrest systems. That is fall restraint system is designed to eliminate the risk of a fall by preventing the user access close to the fall edge, whereas fall arrest systems are designed to protect the user from a significant and potentially fatal incident whilst working at or around the fall edge.

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What is fall protection equipment?

Fall protection is a key part of a job working at height and the equipment you install to reduce the risk of falling is an important part of any project. With that in mind, you need to make sure that the fall protection systems you put in place are all well maintained, regularly inspected and cover the legal requirements.

Without this kind of consideration, you’re likely to be leave your company open to all kinds of legal problems. Features that you might consider installing could be fall protection arrest systems, barriers, ladders and fall protection rails. If you’re not sure what you need or how to properly protect yourself and your company, give us a call on 0115 932 7010 and get some advice.

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Fall Protection Design Service

Metreel provide a full engineering design service for our range of handling systems aimed towards working with our clients to help turn their requirements into reality in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Using the latest CAD software and design methods to streamline the design process from beginning to completion, we are able to present our ideas and solutions to our clients at every stage of the design process allowing them to view and interact throughout the process.

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Installation & Maintenance

Our site team offer a wide range of services from the initial concept and surveys, through installation and follow up maintenance and testing programs, with the goal that your equipment operates efficiently and without faults.

Knowledge and experience

Being dedicated to the products we offer, our site team has a wealth of application knowledge and experience. All of our teams are fully trained and consistently updated with regards to any changes or modifications to products or technical specifications, more importantly, we maintain a high level of interest in current practices within the industry and ensure that our team are suitably informed about what is expected of us.

Qualified engineers

Metreel’s site team consist of qualified electromechanical engineers who have been apprentice-trained and have relevant experience.

From concept to commissioning

The crucial stage of most projects is early on whilst considering how best to provide a solution for your requirement. We believe that providing the customer with all the necessary services required to ensure the final installation is fit for purpose, is of paramount importance and therefore we have developed our service to include survey, installation, test and commission, service and maintenance.

Product Support

Despite every effort to identify potential problems during regular maintenance of equipment, breakdowns can occasionally occur. In the event of such a problem, you can be sure that our engineers will be on-site as soon as possible to help reduce expensive and unwelcome downtime.

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