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Hoists, Balancers & Winches


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Chain Hoists

Street Crane LX Hoist

Hook suspension LX chain hoists designed for similar applications to those described above for hook suspension hoists but they provide a lower headroom solution to maximise lifting height in restricted headroom applications.


  • Long life hoist disc brake
  • True vertical lift (zero hook drift throughout the hook stroke)
  • Dual speed hoist
  • 48 volt push button pendant control
  • Torque limiting slipping clutch
  • Compact side hook approaches to optimise hook coverage of the working area
  • Overload protection by torque limiting clutch in the hoist mechanism
  • CNC machined chain sprocket
  • Hardened and heat treated gears
  • DIN standard hook with spring loaded safety catch
  • High tensile zinc coated lifting chain
  • External removable fan cooled hoist motor with cooling fins
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metreel stahl st chain hoist 900x867 1 from Metreel

Stahl ST Chain Hoists

The ST chain hoist programme ranks among the most distinctive and comprehensive on offer worldwide. It is strong, reliable and modest when it comes to maintenance and energy consumption. The modular system enables innumerable combinations of the subassemblies for customised solutions. With 6 variants available, the ST chain hoist covers the lifting capacity range from 125 kg.

The chain hoists are also available in explosion-proof design for Zone 1, Zone 21 and Zone 22.


  • Suspension directly from the chain guide of solid cast iron
  • Easy inspection and maintenance of the chain drive thanks to over-mounted drive shaft
  • Extremely short and compact construction ensures that space can be utilised to the maximum
  • High ISO classification according to FEM/ISO standards
  • Modern Kanban production, available fast
  • Available as an option in explosion protected design complying with ATEX and IECEx

Demag DC Chain Hoists

Our DC-Com chain hoist is the right choice for everyday needs: designed for applications with normal requirements – simplicity and reliability in proven Demag quality.


  • Simple commissioning
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Service-friendly
  • FEM classification from 2m
  • 24V contactor control
  • Two hoist speeds as standard
metreel demag dc chain hoists 900x867 1 from Metreel
metreel tractel tra lift manual chain hoist 500x500 1 from Metreel

Tra-Lift™ Manual Chain Hoist

TRALIFT™ chain hoists from Tractel® for lifting loads vertically. The hoists are particularly suitable for demanding environments in industry and civil engineering, especially on sites not equipped with electricity.


  • Permanent load control
  • Automatic load brake closure
  • Upper and lower hooks with reinforced safety latches
  • Load limiter available as an option
  • Dedicated to sustained professional applications
  • Multi-pocket load chain sprocket: more efficient lifting operations
  • Zinc plated hand chain
  • “Tunnel” chain guide for ideal chain positioning, guaranteeing drive continuity
  • Galvanised fittings, epoxy paint for much greater resistance to aggressive environments
  • Forged steel hooks with 360° rotation and overload opening indicators
  • Compact with a light weight simplifies use and transport
  • Available with Corolim® chain or black chain
  • Standard chain length: 3m (other lengths on request)
  • Compliance with Machine Directive 2006/42/CE

Lug-all Portable Winches & Hoists

A portable winch-hoist with strong aluminium frame, self storing aircraft steel wire rope, a reversible safety handle and an interlocking pawl system. The LUG-ALL® has been imitated but never surpassed.

Innovative Design

  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Exclusive drum anchor – swaged ball shank terminal locks wire rope securely in drum and allows for full extension of the steel wire rope. (Other brands use two set screws and 2-3 wraps of wire rope to hold the wire rope onto the drum)
  • Wire rope end has hydraulically crimped copper sleeve
  • Proprietary reversible handle – always a downward pull, switches positions in seconds
  • Self storing aircraft wire rope. No chains are hanging in the way or dragging on the ground. Much lighter than chain pullers
  • Optional marine grade models – developed specifically for marine or other corrosive conditions, have anodised castings, stainless steel wire ropes and cadmium plated steel shafts
  • Drop forged steel hooks
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Reliable Opteration

  • Factory tested to 50% overload of rated capacity
  • Reversible handle is designed to bend on severe overload to protect the user and the hoist. Replace the handle NOT the Winch-Hoist
  • 6000 Model – the shear pin design on two position telescoping handle warns of overload
  • Quick release – will not function when the wire rope is under load
  • The handle can be removed to prevent tampering with the hoist or load
  • One year guarantee against defects in workmanship and/or materials

The Lug-All winches have become a preferred brand, particularly within the Forestry Industry and are used by many leading Arborists and Colleges. The three main features that suit this application are; The overall weight of the unit, or should we say lack of, predominantly due to its aluminium frame. Secondly, unlike their main competition, the Lug-All’s cable is stored on its drum eliminating any set-up time. Thirdly, the unique safety handle protects your investment from overload, so any heavy-handed employees are safe to use/operate these units!

Away from Forestry, these winches are one of the most portable, useable, reliable, heavy-duty winch hoists on the market, used in Building, Engineering, Telecoms, Aerospace and Mechanical industries around the UK. The Lug-All Winch has also proved to be a valuable asset for many on-site installation teams, there’s even a version specifically developed for the installation of Electricity Lines!

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