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Building Maintenance

Building maintenance access and

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Met-Track® Ridgid Rail Restraint Systems

Industrial fall restraint landyards created to protect workers at heights and reduce uncontrolled access

A fall restraint system enables workers to carry out their work whilst preventing them from reaching a point where fall or uncontrolled access could occur. These systems are normally used when workers need to work at the edge of structure, or in high-risk areas.

Met-Track® Travelling Ladders

A bespoke range of mobile ladders, where the Met-Track® enclosed track is used for the suspension and guidance of the access equipment. Typical applications include access to facades, large curtain walled / glazed areas or non-load bearing panels for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

The major reason for incorporating a Travelling Ladder system into the design of a building is to provide a means of access to areas, which would normally be unsafe to reach due to either their location or material make-up.

This permanent access solution can be installed internally and/or externally and is available as either manual or alternatively powered travel. This option is usually depicted by the size of the ladder or the complex travel/transfer arrangements.

As all Met-Track® Travelling Ladder Systems are designed specifically to your building specification, we ensure that firstly the minimum of steelwork is used. Secondly, wherever possible, the design is created such that we obscure the installation of our steelwork and fittings in conjunction with the building structure. This enables the aesthetics of the building to be maintained often a major concern with architects planning modern-day buildings.

Metreel’s Met-Track Ladder Systems are designed and manufactured utilising our in-house capacity. Materials and finishes are chosen not for the convenience of our process but for absolute suitability to the installation environment. A variety of finishes can be called upon to match the building’s aesthetics.

These systems can, if required, be supplied with an integral fall arrest or restraint system to provide ultimate safety for personnel using the systems.

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Met-Track® Cradle Suspension

Alternative track system ideally suited for the suspension of mobile cradles and seats. Three track sizes each offering high strength, low weight and small overall dimensions, perfect for installations where aesthetic requirements demand that the support track is integral with the building design.

The design of the profile ensures accurate wheel alignment with minimum friction, thus eliminating snagged movement when traversing across a facade area. The enclosed profile also protects the traversing wheels from potential damage from external elements.

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As a complement to the MET-TRACK® CRADLE SUSPENSION range, Metreel offers options for Conductors and Reeling Drums to assist with powering the cradle, specifically chosen for their resilience to outdoor weather conditions.

These systems can, if required, be supplied with an integral fall arrest or restraint system to provide ultimate safety for personnel using the systems.

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