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How Workstation And Jib Cranes Are Used In The Automotive Industry

December 13, 2023

Almost 900,000 vehicles are produced in the UK every year, consisting of cars and commercial vehicles. Around 80% of these vehicles are exported overseas, making the automotive industry important for the British economy. 

Here at Metreel, we manufacture industrial solutions to help various industries become safer and ultimately more efficient. Our work within the automotive industry is no exception, especially with production lines requiring a swift movement of goods throughout the facility so that the finished vehicles can be completed in a timely manner. 

Two such material-handling products to consider using within the automotive industry include jib cranes and workstation cranes. Both offer precise and controlled movement of goods, helping to improve safety and efficiency simultaneously. 

Own an automotive business in the UK? Here is how investing in jib cranes or workstation cranes could benefit your business. 

jib overbraced from Metreel

Jib Cranes

Metreel jib cranes boast up to 360° rotation and can be floor or wall-mounted with endless customisations available. 

In an automotive facility, jib cranes are primarily used for material handling including the lifting and transporting of goods. Some of the areas where jib cranes are key include loading docks and assembly stations, or other areas of the plant which would be difficult to access with traditional lifting equipment. 

Alongside moving vehicle parts, jib cranes can also be used for the purposes of tool handling including moving tools, dies and moulds. Using a crane for these tasks helps not only improve productivity but also reduces physical strain on human employers leading to a safer working environment. 

In short, jib cranes provide a localised lifting solution within automotive environments, especially when installed near workstations to aid workers as they handle heavy tools or vehicle components. 

workstation crane uk

Workstation Cranes

Metreel workstation cranes (also known as bridge cranes) can be supplied as overhead cranes, gantry cranes or monorails

With any type of workstation crane, the focus is very much on assembly line support along with parts handling. Therefore, workstation cranes make for ideal additions to automotive production plants. 

Specifically, workstation cranes can be installed within a vehicle production facility along an assembly line to assist workers with the movement of components throughout the facility. Similar to jib cranes, workstation cranes can be used to reduce strain on human employees while improving the overall output of the facility. Compared with the manual production of vehicles (as used to be the case a few decades ago) vehicles can now be produced far quicker when equipment such as workstation cranes are used. 

Another use of workstation cranes is to assist with maintenance tasks within the plant. Since the crane can lift and reposition the part, workers can access the component to make any necessary repairs without having to endure any physical strain to do so.

Metreel – Workstation Cranes & Material Handling For Automotive Production UK

Is your business involved in the automotive industry? The production and servicing of vehicles can be made much safer and more efficient when your team is equipped with the right tools for the job.

Metreel is based in Derbyshire and we supply UK businesses with material handling equipment. 

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