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The Benefits Of Using Crane Scales

August 24, 2023

Crane scales are used to measure the load weights of objects suspended from a crane or hoist. 

Alternative names for crane scales can include suspended scales, overhead weighing scales or load links. 

As one of the most recognisable material handling accessories, there is a lot that crane scales can do to inform the crane operator so that the safe and efficient lifting or repositioning of goods can be maintained.

For any industry that involves the lifting of heavy loads such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, transport or warehousing – crane scales are often an invaluable accessory to have in use.

Here are just some of the benefits that crane scales can bring to your workforce and the task at hand. 

How Does A Crane Scale Work?

How crane scales work is that a hook or shackle connects the scales to an anchor point where the load is attached. Some of the ways crane scales can be attached include through a hoist, chain, rope or sling. 

As soon as the scales are engaged, the force exerted by the load will be read by an electronic sensor within the scales. The readings will then be shown on a digital screen. The data can also be transmitted to external systems so that the company can track productivity while ensuring ongoing safety and efficiency. 

Crane scales can be powered by batteries along with AC or DC power to measure the load.

Advantages Of Crane Scales 

construction crane 2022 03 07 23 59 34 utc 1 from Metreel

Accurate weight measurement – Cranes are capable of lifting tremendous loads. These loads need to be safely managed to ensure the operations remain safe for personnel as well as the crane itself. Placing scales on the crane monitors the load to ensure safe limits are not exceeded while helping to guide the load into its new position carefully. 

Improved safety and efficiency – Overloading is a serious safety hazard that can best be prevented by using crane scales. As the readings will be instantly shown on the screen, users can be alerted if safe load limits are close to being exceeded. 

Versatile – Crane scales can be adapted for various types of cranes and industries. Some of the loads that crane scales can be used to measure include containers, pallets and bulk materials. A similar solution simply does not exist to ensure the load being lifted in any scenario is both monitored and safe to lift. 

Data integration – Some crane scales have the ability to transfer data to an external source so that the load data can be monitored. For instance, statistical data about average load weights. All of which can help that business to make more informed decisions while ensuring safety and productivity. 

Ease of use – While machinery (including cranes) can be complex to use, crane scales are one of the easiest pieces of kit to get to grips with. They are deliberately designed to be user-friendly so that safety is never compromised due to an over-complicated system. 

Cost-effective – Crane scales help avoid costly mistakes that put personnel or the crane itself at risk. Over time, crane scales boost productivity and efficiency helping to generate a healthy ROI. 

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