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What Are Cable Reeling Drums?

May 10, 2023

Whenever cables are required to supply power or dispense fluids, a major consideration is how to keep the cables organised. Not only is this due to the potential for workers to trip over cables, but the cables can also sustain damage if not properly used and maintained.

The trusted solution to house cables is known as cable reeling drums (or cable drums for short).

Metreel designs, builds and installs custom engineered solutions for cable reeling drums. For those new to cable drums, we’ve put together the following post to give you a general overview of how they work.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to place an order head to our Reeling Drums page to see our models, suggested usages and product capabilities. 

Cable Drum Reels: An Overview

cable reel drums

Cable drums are cylindrical shaped constructions which store, distribute and also retrieve cables or wires. Typically, the drum is electrically powered via a motor, so that the cables can wind or unwind as needed, such as along a specified track. 

The components found in cable reeling drums include the drum (or spool), flanges, bearing system, cable entry/exit point, drive system and the brake system. These all work together to ensure the cable drum is able to safely store and retrieve cables as required. 

The exact configuration of a cable drum can be built to your needs to suit the environment and usage application. Some of the options to choose from include spring operated cable reeling drums, along with motor or hose driven cable reels. 

Various usage scenarios can apply for cable reeling drums, as they can be used in conjunction with cranes, hoists and other forms of material handling equipment. This can commonly include for the construction, manufacturing, chemicals, nuclear, mining and wastewater industries. 

Benefits Of Cable Reeling Drums

Cables are expensive and potentially hazardous. Given cables often supply power, they are also essential.

So the main benefit of using cable reeling drums is that it solves many of the problems cables can bring but within one single solution. 

As the cables are neatly wound around the drum, they are stored in a compact manner which leaves less room for tangles or cable damage. The careful winding and unwinding also helps workers keep a close eye on where cables are, preventing the risks of tripping over cables. 

With cable reeling drums available in a range of sizes and configurations, they can be adapted to a wide range of usage scenarios. 

Metreel – Buy Cable Reeling Drums UK

Are you in search of cable drums for your business? 

Based in Derbyshire, Metreel designs and installs cable reeling drums across the UK as part of our powerfeed solutions

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