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What Are Frequency Inverters And Do I Need One For My Crane? 

January 1, 2024

Cranes make the lifting and repositioning of heavy loads possible, offering far more lifting capacity than is safely possible by human labour. That said, the functionality of the crane can have a huge impact on just how safe, not to mention how efficient a crane is. 

One such accessory commonly paired with cranes is frequency inverters or variable frequency drives. Frequency inverters are electronic devices which give control over the speed and torque of crane operations, by varying the frequency of the power supplied to the crane and therefore its movements. 

Before the invention of frequency inverters, crane movements were limited and would often be jerky rather than smooth. As well as excessive wear on the machinery, this old way of using a crane posed various safety hazards for crane operators, as well as all those working close to the crane itself. 

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In the meantime, here are some of the benefits that using a frequency inverter in conjunction with your crane can bring. 

Speed Control 

Frequency inverters offer a number of functions including the ability to control how fast and crucially, how slow a load moves. Specifically, the functions include acceleration, and deceleration with extremely responsive functionality so that the speed can be controlled at all times. 

Precise Load Handling 

Precise movements (particularly stop and start functions) are essential in material handling due to the need to maintain a safe working environment and also prevent damage to the load itself. Frequency inverters provide the necessary control for accurate movements of cranes so that precise load handling can be achieved. 

Energy Efficiency 

Since the movements of the crane are better controlled, so too is the amount of energy needed to power the crane. Energy usage can be optimised further still by adjusting the motor speed to match the required load, as opposed to constantly running at full speed.

Reduced Wear And Tear

The benefits of controlled movements also extend to reducing wear and tear of the crane, which could lead to significant cost savings over time. Specifically, controlling the acceleration and deceleration of the crane motions has the benefit of reducing mechanical stress on the equipment. When this happens the lifespan of the crane components can be greatly extended. 

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