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What Is An Intelligent Lifting Device (ILD)?

October 22, 2022

Does your business operations involve heavy lifting or the repositioning of goods? Manual lifting can sometimes suffice. But when loads surpass 16kg for women and 25kg for men, they are no longer considered safe to lift manually. Even loads that are lighter than this can still cause injuries, or at best take a long time to lift or reposition.

The solution for any repetitive tasks, especially those which involve heavy lifting is to use manual handling equipment. Here at Metreel, we specialise in various manual handling products to make your business operations safer and more efficient. Some of our top products include workstation cranes, workstation jibs, track systems, hoists, balancers, winches, gantries and monorails. 

However, another string we’d like to add to your bow is intelligent lifting devices or ILD for short. Here is an overview of what intelligent lifting devices are, along with how they can improve safety and efficiency in your workplace. 

Intelligent Lifting Devices: An Overview

An intelligent lifting device is a hoist that is capable of lifting heavy loads at the touch of a button. Or, users can manually manipulate where the intelligent lifting device will move too, including at what speed, based on how light or heavy their physical touch is when pushing on the load. 

The hoist has a hook attached to the end where the load is secured onto. Above this is a grip handle, which is designed for the user to grab onto when physically manipulating the direction of the load. The wider structure which holds everything together is an arm or hoist, ensuring the load is distributed evenly on the ground. 

An LCD screen also allows you to see the weight of the load, so you can carefully control the machine and keep it within safe lifting limits. Intelligent lifting devices are extremely adaptable depending on the direction the load needs to be taken in, making even the heaviest of loads extremely easy to move or reposition. 

Compared with manual methods of lifting, an ILD improves safety and efficiency, because the user is not having to physically bear the heavy weight at any time. The machine can lift items quickly, speeding up how much time it takes to complete any lifting tasks.  

Intelligent Lifting Devices UK – Metreel Material Handling

Are you interested in making your lifting tasks safer and easier to complete for your team? From light loads to heavy loads – the less strain your employees have to face, the less likely it is they will receive an injury at work. In particular, back problems are very prevalent in any job that requires manual lifting, which is why employers should invest in material handling equipment. 

Metreel can provide a number of lifting and handling solutions for your business. Based in Derbyshire, we operate not just across the East Midlands but on a global scale. 

You can also download our free brochure to discover more about our product specifications by visiting our product brochure page. If you’re ready to place an order or have any questions, please give us a call on 0115 932 7010 or email us at [email protected].