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What Is Order Fulfilment And How Does Warehouse Management Have An Impact?

January 31, 2023

Did you know that transport and storage is the fastest-growing industry in the UK? The growth rate of the sector is up 88% since 2011, as outlined in a report by the ONS aptly named “The rise of the UK warehouse and the “golden logistics triangle”.

The change in how we shop, particularly in terms of ecommerce is fueling warehouse growth. However, as with any business, the profitability of any warehouse depends on how well it is run. Given the scale of warehouses, every movement counts when it comes to maximising space efficiently and most importantly getting orders out on time. 

Here at Metreel, we can supply your warehouse with handling products and work access products that can make your warehouse safer and more efficient. Let’s take a look at what order fulfilment is and how the management of a warehouse impacts its success, to understand why the right system is essential. 

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Order Fulfilment: An Overview

Order fulfilment is the process of receiving, processing and delivering an order to a customer. 

The main tasks involved in order fulfilment include: 

  • Receiving and storing inventory
  • Processing the order
  • Picking and packing items
  • Shipping the order
  • Processing any returns

Any of these aspects have the potential to grind the business to a halt, especially if outdated, impractical or inefficient techniques are being used. If customers don’t receive their orders promptly, or if their order is damaged in transit, or even if communication throughout the fulfilment process is slow, it can ruin the reputation of that warehouse and the wider business. 

So for order fulfilment to run smoothly, it’s crucial that from the moment a customer places an order through to it arriving at their door, every part of the process is well managed. 

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Warehouse Management & Order Fulfilment

This leads us nicely onto our next point which is that warehouses must be run like a tight ship – especially if they want to remain both operational and competitive. 

Warehouse management involves overseeing and controlling the day-to-day operations of a warehouse. It includes organising the warehouse space, scheduling labour, receiving items and tracking orders. All of which are a part of the order fulfilment process. 

Effective warehouse management optimises how each task is carried out to maximise efficiency throughout the business. The ultimate goal is to increase productivity while lowering costs. 

Although warehouse management is invisible to the end customer, it plays a vital role in their overall experience, not least when it comes to order fulfilment. Given so many retailers and distribution centres are the hubs of companies these days, leading from the top with effective warehouse management is non-negotiable. 

The key for any warehouse manager is to look for inefficiencies within the warehouse, from the way orders come in to how items are packed. Maintaining stock levels is key, just as ensuring enough team members are on hand during peak warehouse season.

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Metreel – Material Handling To Make Your Warehouse More Productive 

Own a warehouse and want to make your order fulfilment even more productive? Metreel is a UK based supplier of handling equipment, fall protection, work access and powerfeed cabling.

Based in Derbyshire, we operate not just across the East Midlands but on a global scale. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any custom solutions for your warehouse business to improve order fulfilment efficiency. 

You can also download our free brochure to discover more about our product specifications by visiting our product brochure page. If you’re ready to place an order or have any questions, please give us a call on 0115 932 7010 or email us at [email protected].