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Why Crane Maintenance Is Important

January 27, 2023

Cranes are a substantial investment for any business. So to look after your investment, not to mention ensure a safe environment for those who come into contact with your equipment, your cranes must be subject to regular maintenance.

Anyone in control of equipment such as cranes are also bound by the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), which means the equipment must be maintained in an efficient state, be in working order and in good repair. 

In order to meet these regulations, you must schedule maintenance as often as is required by the manufacturer, or if a problem is detected within the crane itself. Here is an overview of why crane maintenance is important to tell you more. 

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To Ensure Safety

As the saying goes, ‘safety first!’ and this is certainly true where any industrial equipment is concerned, not least cranes which pose a significant risk to operators and even the general public, depending on the type of crane used and where it is operated. 

Therefore, routine maintenance along with daily safety checks should be made. Everything from the stability of the crane itself to checking for general wear and tear should be a priority. 

Your business insurer will also expect you to carry out regular maintenance on your cranes. If a claim ever had to be made because of an accident or damage to property or equipment, the maintenance log would undoubtedly be requested. No company would want to be found at fault, since it could lead to criminal proceedings and hefty fines, not to mention a ruined reputation of the business. Why risk it, when maintenance is so easy to arrange and will give you peace of mind? 

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To Maintain Equipment

Every piece of equipment within an industrial or manufacturing environment will gradually wear down the more it is used. Cranes are no different, especially as they are subject to constant rotation and heavy loads. In addition, any cranes used outside will also be exposed to the elements, which includes extreme temperatures in the summer and winter, along with heavy winds that may also cause structural damage.

Making small repairs on cranes when needed can often save costs for business, especially versus larger repairs, or taking the crane out of service altogether. So, similar to changing your tyres on your car, making note of the areas of your crane that are most prone to wear can keep the entirety of the crane in good working order. Though of course, safety checks should still be carried out on each individual component. 

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To Ensure Efficiency 

Cranes that have loose, rusted or broken pieces aren’t only potentially dangerous, they are unlikely to be working efficiently either. All of which makes it difficult to operate a smooth-running business, since delays will be more likely, and these will ultimately have a knock-on effect on other areas of production.

When you consider the responsibility of a crane – to lift and reposition heavy items – without the correct machinery, let alone lifting capacity, a malfunctioning crane could soon grind operations to a halt. Seen as human labour is often unsuited to lifting extremely heavy loads, there is no alternative other than to maintain your cranes or hire costly replacements. 

Hence, once again, maintaining your cranes is always going to be the most cost-effective solution, not least where productivity is concerned. 

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