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Why Small Manufacturers Should Consider A Manufacturing Execution System

November 28, 2022

Manufacturing is an industry that has a lot of components, both figuratively and literally. Therefore, running a tight operation is often the difference between generating a profit or not. 

Among many of the tools manufacturers can employ to run an efficient business is a manufacturing execution system. Designed with many of the challenges manufacturers face in mind, an MES can also be used by small and medium-sized manufacturers, many of whom do not have the talent or resources of larger organisations. 

So what exactly is a manufacturing execution system, and how could it benefit your small business? Here is what you need to know. 

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What Is A Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? 

Manufacturing execution systems (known as MES for short) is a type of software that control the manufacturing process. Some of the tasks an MES can help with include monitoring, tracking and documenting. 

An MES automates and manages the entire lifecycle of manufacturing. This includes the ordering of raw materials right through to distributing goods as finished products. So to summarise, an MES controls and tracks the flow of products within the manufacturing sector. It also seeks to eliminate any mistakes as early in the process as possible to minimise costs and disruption. 

MES was first developed around 30 years ago in the semiconductor industry. The reason being information was incredibly difficult to track, with a data-intensive process. Plus, there was a need to increase yield. Only, collecting and adjusting data manually was found to be ineffective at being able to scale the business.

Instead, manufacturing execution systems empowered decision makers with the data they needed to make better business decisions that would boost efficiency and optimise production. The technology was then rolled out across many other sectors across the manufacturing industry, and the popularity of an MES was born.

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Benefits Of A Manufacturing Execution System For Smaller Manufacturers 

Before MES systems were invented, companies had to use employees to analyse and track data. Given such methods came before the modern communication methods we use today, it’s easy to see why a better system was needed.

Now that system is here in the form of a manufacturing execution system, let’s see how this can benefit smaller manufacturers in particular. 

Real-Time Data

Real-time data gives you a constant, accurate picture of the state of your business. It can tell you everything about orders, progress, accounting and more. 

Without real-time data, it’s impossible to be able to react to critical issues that could threaten production. Likewise, real-time data can build a picture of your business performance over the course of the year, so you can predict when your busiest or most profitable times of the year are to be able to plan ahead.

Reduce Costs

The ability to automate any process usually results in a reduction in costs, and manufacturing execution systems are no exception. 

However, the beauty of an MES is that these cost-cutting measures keep on giving. That’s because the very reason for their conception was the need to make the manufacturing process trackable at every stage. This information can then be used to identify any wasteful practices and cut unnecessary spending for the business.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

As a smaller manufacturer, competition among peers, let alone larger manufacturers is often tough. But by using an MES, smaller manufacturers can ensure customers are satisfied at all stages of the customer journey. 

A notable example of where an MES can improve the customer experience is through the ability to keep in constant communication. Customers can be informed about the status of their order, so that they know it is being handled, along with when it will arrive with them. Compared with radio silence or inaccurate information, an MES can be used to foster much stronger relationships with customers. 

These top benefits are merely scratching the surface of what an MES can offer a smaller manufacturer. We definitely recommend conducting as much research as possible to find the right system for your specific business.

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