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Logistics and supply chain

Met-Track® designed, manufactured, installed and certified 11 x complete systems for a large provider.

Project Description

Met-Track® was contacted by a large Logistics and Supply Chain provider managing an automated warehouse for a leading brand of pet food who required a safety system for their storage warehouse.

The warehouse consists of AS/RS cranes in the high bay racking aisles which pick and place pallets from the goods receiving onto the floor conveyors which feed in and out of the high bay aisles to the despatch area.

Due to the operation being automated with very little human intervention within the warehouse, there is a periodic need for operatives to retrieve dropped goods and damaged pallets etc from the feed conveyors.

It was identified by our client that during this operation it was necessary for Maintenance operatives to climb onto the conveyor and pallet to retrieve and re-stack the goods, thus creating a risk of falling from height.


Logistics and supply chain provider


United Kingdom

Products Supplied

Met-Track Rigid Rail Fall Arrest System

SF34644 01 from Metreel

Met-Track® proposed a steel structure to be fitted over the conveyor to support a Met-Track® rigid rail fall arrest system to run above head height along the centreline of the system.

Operatives would then attach their harness to a fall arrest block fitted to the moving trolley in the rail, thus allowing free movement around the area whilst always being attached securely to the fall arrest system and eliminating the risk of a fall from height.

Met-Track® designed, manufactured, installed and certified 11 x complete systems above each feed conveyor. Each system comprised Met-Track® SIAB 500 series Track with fabricated steel structure polyester powder coated to our client’s specification.

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