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Water Company

Project Description

A sewage treatment works have several primary separation tanks at their plant, all fitted with cable reels which were over 20 years old and often failed mechanically and electrically causing machine failure to a process that requires continuity to allow the process to be effective.

The machines have ‘run over’ cables causing them to de-rail when the reels have not retrieved the cables properly.

These failures were costing the company a large amount in repairs and downtime so it became apparent to source an alternative solution.



United Kingdom

Products Supplied

AKAPP Multiconductor – Handsafe

DSCN0748 scaled from Metreel

AKAPP Multiconductor® seemed to be the solution to this problem and even though the customer was unaware of this type of system, they agreed that it would work better than replacing it with more cable reels which would result in fewer moving parts to breakdown.

The 67m centre fed AKAPP Multiconductor® continuous conductor system was installed at a low level so a ‘handsafe’ housing profile specified by Metreel was provided allowing additional protection against splashing water.

Following this installation, our client is extremely pleased with the system and as advised that they will replace all reels and install them with our Multiconductor® systems.

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