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Reeling Drums

Metreel is one of the leading suppliers of cable and hose reeling systems in the UK, typically being utilised for the safe supply of power and controls to cranes, hoists, materials handling plant and travelling machines.

The comprehensive range includes options of manual, counterweight, spring, motor and variable torque drive operation.
Our standard reeling drums are designed to accommodate the majority of applications utilising a system of modular construction which lends itself to be easily adapted to specific requirements and easy maintenance.

  • Simple positive cable entrance
  • Easily removable slip-ring cover
  • One piece slip-ring replacement
  • Even winding in multiple layers
  • High quality springs
  • Safe simple spring tension adjustment
  • Superior Bearings
  • Designed with your safety in mind

Mercury cable reeling drums form part of our standard range of spring operated cable reeling drums. The Mercury range have been designed specifically for applications with shorter travel lengths up to 15m. This range is suited for 1-4 core cable with core sizes between 1.5 - 4mm2 and up to 20amps capacity.

Designed for simplified maintenance and long service, the Galaxy™ cable reeling drum is another in a long line of innovative cable/hose handling products from Metreel. Galaxy™ cable reeling drums have been designed to accomodate 1-12 ways from 1.5 - 10mm2 cable rated ta 30- 50amps with travel distances up to 26m.

Our electrical cable reels are computer designed and selected to ensure optimum capacity in all models. Six different frame sizes that suit between 1-36 ways, accomodating cable sizes between 1.5-35mm2 , Travel distances of up to 105m and capacity of 35-200 Amps.

JS/JM series reels are designed for longer horizontal retrieve applications. In the JS series reels, winding torque is provided with one or more parallel design spring motors. The JM series reels utilise a torque motor/gear reducer to drive the spool, available with either random wrap or monospiral wrap spools. Designed for capacities of up to 150m of cable end feed and 300m centre feed at a velocity of 60m/min and an acceleration of 0.3m/sec.

Metreel's range of standard reeling solutions cover the majority of applications required by industry, however from time to time you may have a need which falls outside of normal parameters and as such needs a special solution.

Our capacity to develop custom designed reels is second to none, with 3d CAD software our engineers use their vast experience to develop solutions for clients providing realistic visual models to help with the design process.