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5 Health And Wellbeing Tips For Warehouse Staff

September 14, 2022

The one aspect that all workplaces have in common is that happy and healthy employees tend to stay longer in their jobs, be more productive and ultimately have greater job satisfaction. All of which then benefit the company through reduced turnover and higher work outputs. 

However, within a warehouse environment, it’s not so easy to create initiatives such as yoga retreats or even workplace gyms. So how can warehouse staff improve their overall health and happiness? Here are our top tips for warehouse managers, business owners and employees alike. 

Make Health And Safety A Priority

Before diving into wellbeing as a whole, there is no escaping the many dangers that exist within a warehouse environment through manual lifting, the use of machinery and even the potential for hearing damage due to loud noise. With so much happening within a warehouse, health and safety must always be treated with the utmost respect to prevent employees from having accidents. 

Employees should always possess the relevant training and certification in relation to their job role, and should never be put in the position where they are asked to complete any task which presents a significant hazard, either due to a lack of training or from the improper techniques being used. Any breaches in health and safety must never be tolerated since the risk of injury, illness or death will be greatly increased. 

Encourage Team Bonding

Just like any workplace, employees will be much happier if they get on with those they work with, versus if there is any internal conflict or a general lack of bonding. However, in a warehouse environment it’s not always possible to sit and chat and get to know each other, since with the amount of machinery, heavy loads and traffic around, this could in fact be dangerous.

Instead, employers can encourage a tight-knit work environment through socially friendly staff areas, as well as team building days. In addition, offering incentives for different teams based on performance.

Granted, team bonding activities may cost money both in terms of hiring equipment or venues, or paying for days out. But, a workforce that communicates well and genuinely gets on will lead to better results for the company overall. Ultimately, the company cannot perform at its best unless everyone is on the same page. 

Ensure Mental Health Is Never A Taboo

The world has come on leaps and bounds in recent years when it comes to talking about mental health. Yet sadly, suicide remains the biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD are extremely prevalent, and even mild stress can affect someone’s health and happiness while at work.

Having an open and understanding attitude towards mental health could quite literally save a life. But beyond this, if employees know they can approach their employer when they are struggling, it will create a positive culture where the workforce is well supported. 

Employers can also create awareness programmes surrounding mental health, and look to promote positive mental health within the workplace itself. 

Create Fitness Initiatives 

Anyone will know that working in a warehouse is tough work physically, which is why maintaining a good standard of fitness is essential. 

Staff areas of warehouses should have plenty of natural light that promotes a good circadian rhythm, especially given warehouses tend to lack natural light.

But beyond this, warehouse companies can instil an appetite for fitness by providing free or discounted gym memberships, as well as having a cycle to work scheme. 

If there is a staff canteen or any vending machines on site, then ensure these have plenty of healthy options, seen as nutrition is key to mental and physical health.  

Demonstrative Effective Leadership 

Both the mental and physical health of employees will be determined by the conditions within the warehouse itself. If employees are encouraged to follow the correct health and safety protocols, have a distinguishable work/life balance, eat healthily, exercise and take care of their mental health, it will certainly show in the overall wellbeing of employees.

Managers and business owners are going to be key to this. Times are changing, and the old ‘top-down’ style of leadership is fast becoming a thing of the past. Now, the world is much more focused on improving wellbeing and workplaces are top of the list. 

If a warehouse encourages good practices and employees feel well supported, then this will certainly radiate throughout the business. Therefore, leadership needs to ensure their approach fits with this ideal so that employees are treated as humans rather than simply being there to get the job done. 

Metreel Material Handling Equipment UK

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